These 13 Anti-Trend Bags Are the Moment


There's no denying the renewed interest in classic style and timeless investment purchases recently. Classic outfits are appearing more and more in the wardrobes of insiders, with looks leaning heavily into fashion-forward staples like tailored blazers, crisp button-downs, and polished loafers. Investment-bag purchases have also been on the rise, with iconic styles including the Hermès Kelly bag increasing dramatically in sales over the last several years.

So what does this signal? While cool, trendy bags are still mega-hot items, classic bags are in full focus as shoppers are prioritising smart investment purchases that will withstand the test of time. That's also translating to what we're seeing on the market, where brands are introducing styles that are of the moment but feel equally relevant to wear years into the future. Ahead are the 13 best classic bags to invest in now, from the under-£300 bag everyone is talking about to iconic designer styles.


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Savette's clean lines and beautiful silhouettes are undeniably classic and timeless. A relative newcomer on the bag scene, the brand has already carved out a fanbase among those who are in the know. The Symmetry Pochette stands out as a must-buy piece—its compact shape makes it perfect for transitioning from day to evening.


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The Loewe Amazona bag originally debuted in the '70s and is now being reintroduced in 2022, but it looks just as relevant as ever. The soft top-handle bag is equal parts practical and stylish—big enough to fit the things you need to carry around day to day but designed in a smart silhouette that pairs with just about anything.


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Brooklyn-based designer Raul Lopez set out to design a luxury bag for people who can't afford the high price tags of a luxury bag. The Luar Ana bag has all of the makings of a designer piece, but only rings in for £195. Dua Lipa has already been spotted carrying it, and it's flying off the shelves. You know what to do.


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Finished with the brand's signature Triomphe motif, the Celine bag has gained a huge following among the fashion set. Simple yet incredibly polished, it's a great style to invest in if you're considering something versatile that you can wear day to day.


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For a classic bag that has a bit of fun, look to the Fendi Fendigraphy. From the side, it looks like a sleek shoulder bag, but once you turn it over, you'll spot Fendi spelled out in gold metal letters. This is a bag that can do both—that is, trendy and classic.


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It doesn't get more classic or more iconic than the Hermès Kelly bag. It's a sizable investment but also a style that has withstood the test of time more than nearly every other bag. There's a reason there's a waiting list to purchase new styles.


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BY FAR's Alfie bag somehow feels both very Y2K and completely classic with its boxy shape and sleek handle. Plus, it comes in some fun shades like apple green if you feel like adding some fresh colour to your closet.


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There's no doubt that Chanel's iconic flap bag is a classic. But it's the updated logo version that needs your attention this season. Playful and fun with a nod to style from the '90s, this bag is set to be a new classic, which is why it's already being snapped up by fashion people everywhere.


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Ahh, the Prada Cleo bag. Since launching at the end of 2020, it has carved itself out as a major hit for the fashion house—and for good reason. Another style with nostalgic '90s-inspired design details, it's an updated take on the shapes from that decade but feels very modern.


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Valentino's signature studs made their debut on the S/S 22 runways with the house's latest bag, featuring a giant stud in the center of the pillowy leather bag. With its cool, minimal take on the hardware piece, I'm already betting this bag will be huge for summer.


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The Row has mastered minimal, understated design and pieces that fit into the everyday wardrobes of modern women. It comes as no surprise that its Everyday bag is truly the perfect piece to carry any day of the week. The shoulder bag is finished with soft leather and a slouchy silhouette, making it the ultimate understated piece to tuck under your arm.


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Gucci's Bamboo 1947 bag is yet another cool, classic style that has been resurrected from an earlier time—the 1940s, to be exact. After eight decades, the leather bag proves to be just as chic, a testament to how timeless the bag truly is.


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The Saint Laurent Le 5 à 7 debuted last year and has proven to be a favourite style among classic dressers. A true day-to-night bag, it can dress up jeans during the day and work as an elegant piece to wear with a dress at night.

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