Meet the Celeb-Loved Jewelry Line to End All Jewelry Lines

Quietly back in May, Miley Cyrus gave an inconspicuous nod to fiancé Liam Hemsworth The Last Line on the map—the L.A.-based brand behind her jewelry that officially launches today. And if all goes as the direct-to-consumer line is planning, it’ll be the last brand you ever shop for jewelry. Big claim? Keep reading.

“I wanted there to be a one-stop-shop that was dope, and it doesn’t exist,” designer Shelley Sanders told us over the phone earlier this week, “so we made it.” The Last Line might be a new name in jewelry, but Sanders is not. She’s has been designing—for celebrities and in-house for other brands—nearly 15 years. “My whole career and my whole life I’ve always been like ‘I want this, I want that.’ It ended up that I made so many pieces. I really wanted to create a collection that worked for all women and had something for everybody.” Enter: The Last Line.

As the name suggests, the new collection is hoping to be the first place you think of for your go-to, wear-everyday designs, as well as the last place you ever shop when adding the most special additions to your jewelry box. Today that begins with the arrivals of The Last Line’s earrings collection, both styles categorized as the “heart” (ranging from $60 to $1500) and the “soul” (handmade-in-L.A. items that can climb up to $7000). Soon following will be the brand’s interpretation of bracelets, rings, necklaces, etc. “If I want to be the last place that anybody goes for fine jewelry, ever, I have to bring it,” says Sanders, “I can’t just bring like 12 pieces.”

To be honest, it’s hard to picture any dearth of options when just the earrings alone come styled—via bright, colorful, made-for-Instagram-double-tapping images—five, six, seven pieces per ear. “Our earrings are shown individually. I really focus on laying out this jewelry like ‘your best ear game’ and what it’s like to buy multiple earrings,” Sanders said, who herself has nine piercings in one ear alone.

“We have a jewelry concierge service, so if somebody was like, ‘I have five piercings and I really love the way that you’re styling the earrings on this site, but I can’t do it on my own,’ we can do it for them,” Sanders says for anyone looking to emulate the looks seen here. “We also have the Try It Before You Buy It feature where they can hold a certain earring style up to their ear and see what it looks like.” Of course, should you take on the challenge solo, rest assured: “I can tell you that there is definitely no rule,” says Sanders, who’s the expert at creating unique jewelry pairings. “The more unexpected the better.”

Ready to start (and maybe end?) your search for the perfect, personalized pieces of jewelry? Keep scrolling to check out some of our favorites so far from The Last Line.