7 Trends Every Cool Person Is Pairing With Their Swimsuits RN

We're just about in the full swing of summertime. Although everyone chooses to fill their calendars for the season differently, some experiences seem largely unanimous—e.g., sitting in the sun on a patio, sipping something spritzy, and packing for a vacation to the buzziest destination. The most quintessential summer experience involves slipping into a slinky swimsuit to spend the day by the sea. Maybe it's just me, but it never feels like a truly fulfilled summer if at least one day wasn't spent by a body of water, whether it's an ocean or a local pool.

If you happen to share the same sentiment, then it's likely that you're already plotting your day by the water. Maybe you've added a few trendy suits to your shopping cart, or perhaps you're sweeping the dust off a timeless one-piece you already own. Whatever the case, I know that you can make any swimsuit you choose to wear more stylish with accessories. Hear me out. There's no better way to make the little black bikini in the back of your closet feel brand-new than by incorporating a few recent trendy bits and bobs. I promise that you do not have to be jetting off to a far-off destination or buying an entirely new swimsuit (unless that's your prerogative) in order to look Instagram ready this summer.

Don't believe me? Well, in an effort to prove my point about the power of swimwear accessories, I scoured social media to identify the trends that will be coming to a beach near you. Ahead, I'm sharing a breakdown of seven trends that the style set is already wearing despite it being early on in the season that are super photogenic. Fair warning: These trends will make you want to book a trip immediately.

1. Sheer, Cont'd.

A collage of women wearing sheer cover-ups.

For those religiously following recent runway collections, it should come as no surprise that sheer clothing has remained one of the most significant trends. What may come as a surprise, however, is how the textile has transformed from being eveningwear-focused to being resort-friendly. While a part of that change can be attributed to recent resort collections, it's really taken off because the style set has embraced taking more formal sheer skirts and dresses and styling them as cover-ups. It's a great alternative to the traditional cover-up, as it provides a new way to accessorize your swimwear while showing it off in style.

2. So Many Sun Hats

A collage of women wearing raffia sun hats.

Looking for a bit more coverage when it comes to your swimwear this summer? I get you. Luckily, there's one accessory that will give you more coverage from the heat at least—the sun hat. Sure, styling your swimsuit with an oversize floppy hat may seem reductive, but with so many spring/summer and fall/winter 2024 collections featuring every type of hat imaginable, there's no better time to embrace headgear. Plus, we've already seen the style set wearing this swimwear with oversize hats, so it's basically a given that you'll see this trend everywhere this summer.

3. Excessive Earrings

A collage of women wearing oversize '80s-inspired earrings.

Let this be your reminder that you don't have to stick to the more obvious accessories when styling your swimsuit this season. In fact, I'd implore you to incorporate jewelry into the mix. More specifically, I'd suggest opting for one of the '80s-inspired jewelry trends to come back into style—excessively oversize earrings. What's great about this trend is that it can add a bit more shine to even the simplest swimsuit, giving your look a little more extra. Just be sure to take your earrings off before you go for a dip so you don't tarnish them or end up losing them like Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earrings.

4. Strong Scarf Game

A collage of women wearing swimsuits with printed scarves.

Say sayonara to how you used to wear your sarong because there's a summer styling hack for the season. Across social media and the spring runway collections, we've seen swimwear styled with scarves wrapped around the head, neck, and shoulders rather than go-to paleo wraps. Although it might seem like a slight distinction, switching up how this traditional resortwear item is styled gives swimwear an understated elegance that screams, "Take me to the South of France." Plus, it's the perfect alternative for those who might not be keen on packing an oversize sunhat or sheer cover-up for their summer getaway.

5. Crochet Carryalls

A collage of women wearing their swimwear with crochet tote bags.

Every summer, we see one handbag style surface again: raffia bags. Although I have no personal beef with this type of purse, if you're like me, you might be looking for an option that feels fresher. Enter crochet bags into the conversation. Crochet is as ubiquitous as raffia during the summer, but in the form of a carryall tote, it feels a bit cooler than the cliché crochet suits and matching sets that come around. It's still as functional as raffia bags but feels a bit more fun for the summer, as the style comes in trendy colors, sizes, and shapes.

6. Mesh Mayhem

A collage of women by the ocean wearing their swimwear with mesh ballet flats.

Although most might associate summer with sandals, there is another shoe trend worth trying this season. If you hate the idea of meandering the streets of a beach town with bare feet, mesh flats can give you the best of both worlds, as they provide coverage but are still breathable. Plus, the trend continues to be one of the biggest shoe trends of the moment, so it's a surefire way to style your swimwear in a way that shows you're style-conscious this summer. Once you hit the sand, I'd recommend slipping them off so that you can keep them in the best shape possible until the end of the season.

7. Nautical Necklaces

A collage of women wearing their swimwear with nautical-themed necklaces.

Lastly, it wouldn't be an homage to swimwear accessories without mentioning a trend that's so summer coded. Ahem, nautical necklaces. Maybe it's a little cliché, but I don't care. Since last summer, we've seen jewelry with ocean-inspired elements come to the surface—such as glass beaded necklaces in the shape of fishes, chokers made from shells, and metal pendants cast in the shape of a conch. It's a jewelry trend that's not cooling down anytime soon, as we've continued to see women from various countries style their suits with these necklaces. Whether or not you'll embrace this trend is your call, but I can guarantee you'll spot someone by the sea wearing this accessory trend with their swimwear this summer.

Jasmine Fox-Suliaman

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