The Popcorn Color Trend Is the New Stick of Butter (IYKYK)

Color trends are my favorite trends to adopt early for a number of reasons, one being that it doesn't matter what the thermostat outside says. I'm all for starting to wear spring colors when the New Year starts. Also, color trends are some of the most accessible and longest-lasting trends. By that, I mean that you can usually find trendy colors at a variety of price points, and they're probably going to stay in style for longer than some other types of trends. 

I'm not the only fashion-obsessed person who starts wearing new color trends very early, as my Instagram feed has been flooded with people in popcorn hues. Popcorn is the latest food-adjacent color craze, following the Stick of Butter phase when everyone was wearing cream-colored looks head-to-toe. While popcorn (aka pale yellow) gives off a similarly relaxed vibe, it's a little cheerier and decidedly spring-appropriate.

Scroll for the Instagram proof of the popcorn trend, and shop pieces that look almost good enough to eat (sorry, I had to).

Popcorn color trend



I can't say no to a cozy, affordable cardigan.

Popcorn color trend



The perfect way to embrace the popcorn trend during winter.

Comfortable dresses are the best dresses.

Because you have enough neutral-colored bags.

You'll want to see how pretty the back of this is.

Popcorn color trend



You'll be happy to have this spring basic on hand soon.

Get these $20 beauties before they're gone.

Popcorn color trend



Popcorn mixes well with other pastels.

If you buy just one pair of spring pants, perhaps these should be it.

As someone who owns these, I can confirm that they're comfortable.

Vince always gives the people what they want.

I'm happy to see one of my favorite sweater brands getting in on the trend.

I call this super-buttery popcorn.

Just what the doctor ordered this time of year.

They also come in black but might as well choose the trendier pair.

This yellow leather jacket is surprisingly wearable.