I Plan on Dressing Like a Stick of Butter All Winter—9 Outfits I'm Copying

Let's get into the bread and butter of winter fashion—I'm talking about cream outfits today. From nearly white, which in this case we'll be calling margarine, to the full-on stick of butter, these are the cream-of-the-crop outfit ideas for when it comes to winter dressing. Comparing the trend of wearing head-to-toe cream outfits with a stick of butter all began in 2019 when Harling Ross came up with this totally low cholesterol approach to fashion. Alright, I think I'm all done with the puns for now. 

I find it so easy to layer cream outfits, so when I don't have much time to get dressed, I consider it my blank slate and then filter in some more neutrals or a bright color to add some flavor to the look. I lean into this color palette for something as simple as an errand or something as jazzy as a formal affair. Either way, monochrome dressing has proven to look chic and polished no matter what color you're wearing, but something about cream makes for success. Find the perfect cream outfit to get started with below. You'll be sure to walk away with something new to wear.



Effortless but elevated is always my goal, and this outfit achieves both. Any winter outfit that starts like this is guaranteed to be a success. The printed pants are such a fun piece to play around with.

Comfortable cream outfits



I'm always ready to add another loungewear set to my collection, and anything in this color is sure to be a winner. This is a set you're going to get a lot of wears out of.

Imagine it with a shearling jacket on top—I'm obsessed.

I've really been into sneakers lately.

Cardigan on Cardigan

Take a closer look at the expert layering going on here. Two cardigans in different shades of cream go together so well in this chic look. The added blazer on top pulls it all together.

If you're looking to copy that layering, start with a fitted cardigan on the bottom.

Next up, a looser-fit cardigan will land on top of it and look great both buttoned and unbuttoned.

Cable-Knit Crew

Introducing my go-to work-from-home look. I've worn this a dozen times. Essentially, you get away with wearing sweatpants but look nothing like it because of how elevated the all-white outfit looks.

You can never have too many white sweaters.

I'll always go for a pair of wide-leg pants.

At Home But Make It Fashion

Chic cream outfits



Wrinkles don't always have to be a bad thing. The intentional disarray on this set makes me want it now. It makes the very pulled-together look a bit more casual for your weekend days. 

Every detail on this top makes me love it more. The buttons, dramatic collar, slight flare at the wrist—I'm in love.

These would look just as good with the matching top as they would if you paired them with a simple sweater.

I reach for my cream-colored bags the most. Maybe it's time for a new one.

Tonal Tailoring 

Business casual cream outfits



This is a look that can be worn to any occasion on your calendar. If you're just stepping out for a morning walk, spending the day at home, or have dinner plans later—you're all set.

That's my name—don't wear it out.

Colder Weather

The confidence that wearing cream from head to toe can give you is astonishing. I'm feeling it through the screen when looking at this outfit and pose. Like, sign me up!

Cream outfits for a formal affair



When you're wearing a creamy white outfit, it can be fun to play dress-up and make it feel extra special. Behold, a backless number I'm dying to get my hands on. The delicate ties are a real winner.

A dress that makes me want to start planning my own wedding… to myself.

Minimal accessories do the trick.

Hippie Love

Cream outfits for the weekend



Pretty as a picture, this outfit uses cream as its base and brings in deeper browns and blue jeans to create a sophisticated and cohesive moment I'm dying to copy. I know vests can be controversial, but no one can tell me this one isn't chic.

The perfect sunglasses to pair with all of those cream looks you're planning now.