A Shoe Expert Told Us Which Trend to Skip This Year

We've looked into shoe trends based on the runway, celebrities, stylists, data, and Instagram, but we thought it time to speak to the end-all-be-all expert in the footwear field: high-end shoe buyers. It's safe to say that's who is really setting (and in some cases, ending) trends. Accordingly, we consulted one of our favorite retailers for the latest, most directional shoes: mytheresa.com. The Munich-based company stocks so many covetable shoes by the most forward designers that it can be tough to keep up with the new arrivals.

Mytheresa.com's team of in-the-know footwear merchandisers were kind enough to enlighten us on the one shoe trend to stop wasting your money on in 2017. It should first be noted it that they prefaced their recommendation by saying this: "There's not really a trend that has stopped." They explained, "It's better to stop looking at the trends (which can change at light-speed and come back immediately), and concentrate on your own feelings of comfort and beauty." We couldn't agree more.

That said, they also have thoughts about which trend to swap out for the coming fall season, and they're certainly in keeping with the F/W 17 runways. They told us, "Buy anything but basic! Forget adjectives like plain, minimalistic, normcore. The clothing trend of a 'working girl' in men's jackets and boyfriend jeans should balance her inner shiny goddess with a pair of spectacular shoes." Additionally, when it comes to the brand that everyone wants for fall, look no further than Prada. And if the brand's offerings are a little too maximal for someone with a more classic aesthetic, they say, "We would always suggest Céline and The Row. These brands do not make any mistakes. Their DNAs were programmed to offer perfect shoes every single season."

With that, read on to shop some of the most beautiful, non-boring, non-minimal shoes currently on the market.