Is This the End of Sneakers' Popularity?


Style du Monde

With everyone from Eva Chen to BFFs Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner swapping stilettos for sneakers, it’s difficult to imagine a world where athletic footwear is not a major player in street style. But as with many fashion trends, things usually begin in Europe and trickle to the States. That fact, along with a history of acclaimed fashion observations and critiques, is why we’re inclined to heed Sarah Mower of’s prediction that heels are back—big time: “Sticking my neck out here, but this is my prediction: Come the womenswear shows next month, avant-garde heels are going to be out in force.”

We’ll have to take her word for it for now, because as she admits, “None of the evidence I’ve picked up is yet allowed to be released in pictures.”

The unreleased evidence includes her VIP observations from London Fashion Week, Hood by Air (menswear of all things), and Balenciaga’s pre-fall collection, the latter two of which involve stiletto boots—2014 throwback, anyone?

While our initial reaction was minor devastation, we calmed down and eventually realized now is the time to A) shop editor-approved heels before the craze takes off and B) put to use that $0 trick to walk in heels without pain.

How often do you wear heels? Will you wear them more often if the comeback news proves true? Sound off in the comments!

Opening Image: Style du Monde