These Shoe-and-Dress Formulas Go Together Like Gin and Tonic

If there's one thing we know our readers are buying right now, it's dresses. Whether it's a green floral tea-length dress or a polka-dot wrap, it seems we're all a little obsessed with wearing them once the weather finally warms up. The best thing about this season's key styles is you can wear them to your best friend's wedding or on a Sunday afternoon to brunch.

So how does one increase the versatility a dress, you ask? The easiest way to make the season's best dress styles work for both occasions all comes down to the footwear. For example, simply swap sneakers for kitten heels and your dress can work for an entirely different dress code. So what shoes should you pair with your new-season dresses? See the shoe-and-dress formulas that go together like, well, gin and tonic.