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There are many things that will be different about the confirmed reboot of Sex and the City. For starters, it's going to be called And Just Like That…, a phrase plucked from Carrie Bradshaw's internal monologue and whimsical writing style. 'Tis a new chapter for the New York City gals, one they shall be venturing into as a threesome—Kim Cattrall has opted out, which won't come as a surprise to anyone who keeps up with the news on this cult TV show. "The series will follow Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s," reads the HBO press release. While we all want to know how things worked out on the love-life front, the Who What Wear team is most excited about what's to be served up in terms of fashion looks. 

Personally, I was never a fan of the storylines or characters (apart from Samantha, so boo). Don't @ me. Carrie's incessant whining and fairly terrible track record as a supposed best mate always put me off binging the program as many others did, and it's very likely I've missed a cult-favorite episode here and there. Being a teenager in a boring countryside village, I didn't feel any sort of resonance for their lifestyle, to begin with, but I was always very conscious of the impact it had on style and trends. At the time, the bold decisions made by costume designer Patricia Field rumbled far beyond the avenues and streets of their home city and encouraged women across the globe to be more adventurous with their wardrobes, just like Carrie. She made certain items iconic and synonymous with her quirky, never-predictable look—from exposed bra straps and tutus to a major Fendi Baguette moment. We don't have visibility yet on whether Patricia will be part of the crew when filming starts again later this spring (could it be time for a switch-up? I'd like Shiona Turini as an alternative option), but I have taken it upon myself to do some predictive work for whoever lands the gig.


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I hope that her working-from-home wardrobe won't be as casual and uninspired as mine is, and I have high expectations of the new designers and brands she'll want to flaunt, support, and be pretty woke about. There's a great deal of young talent available in the States these days, so perhaps, the mega-brands of Europe won't figure as prominently. Although, it'd be hard for her to resist the eclecticism of Gucci. But most of all, I don't think the journalist should be approaching her style any differently for turning 50. Age-appropriateness needs to be removed from our minds once and for all, and perhaps, this SATC renaissance might be the catalyst for a shift in perceptions. 

Will Carrie succumb to trainers and sensible flat shoes? Could she ever own a—gasp—tracksuit? Fingers crossed she'll come back to our screens with a big dose of fashion escapism instead of anything too realistic because goodness knows we all need it. So below you'll find the outfits I'd really like to see Carrie wear for the modern age, based upon some of her best looks from seasons past.

1. The Tutu 2.0


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I can't hear the plinky-plonky theme tune without instantly conjuring the pink bodysuit and tutu to mind. The flouncy, voluminous looks and cute colors followed Carrie right through her journey from the TV series to SATC movies, so I'm sure the idea will continue, especially considering this kind of look is particularly popular in 2021.


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From supermarket dashes to romantic nights in Paris, the Carrie tutu knows no bounds. 


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 Cecilie Bahnsen Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Molly Goddard)

Molly Goddard Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Halpern)

Halpern Spring/Summer 2021

2. The Sassy LBD


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From teeny-tiny jersey creations like this one to wrap dresses and more sombre options (see the above tube dress pictured with the rest of the SATC crew), these women sure knew how to invest in little black dresses for all occasions.


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There's a current runway trend for black dresses that are barely there, so we're certain Carrie will find a new iteration for her 2021 wardrobe.


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Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Khaite)

Khaite Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Sandy Liang)

Sandy Liang Spring/Summer 2021

3. Crop Tops and Bra Tops


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Madonna may have made the earliest case for underwear on show, but it was Carrie who made it mainstream. For spring/summer 2021, multiple brands are backing the bra-trend idea, so we hope she can school us on how to wear these in your 50s. Why the heck not?


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When bra tops feel too exposed, perhaps CB will revisit her vast collection of crop tops. To this day, they still work well with midi skirts.


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Emilia Wickstead Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Alessandra Rich)

Alessandra Rich Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Versace)

Versace Spring/Summer 2021

4. Prints, Prints, Prints


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From charming florals to loud graffiti splashes, no print was left unturned for Carrie in the past. So what will we see this year? Well, print trends abound for spring 2021, so she has a great deal to choose from.


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Never one to shy away from equally vibrant accessorizing, Carrie was perhaps way ahead of her time. Now, these kinds of jazzy, mismatched combinations are constantly seen on Instagram.


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Gucci Cruise 2021


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Christopher John Rogers Spring/Summer 2021


(Image credit: Courtesy of Rodarte)

Rodarte Spring/Summer 2021

5. All-Fur Coat and…


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Oh, she did love this cozy coat, didn't she? I'm not sure if this was real fur, but for 2021, Carrie would, of course, only be seen in faux.


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The look underneath was always minimal—bare legs, bare ankles, barely-there stilettos—a styling trick that can look chic at any age. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Miu Miu)

Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2020


(Image credit: Courtesy of Max Mara)

Max Mara Autumn/Winter 2020


(Image credit: Courtesy of Saks Potts)

Saks Potts Autumn/Winter 2020

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