I Tried the "Ribcage" Jeans Fashion Girls Are Obsessing Over


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ICYMI, we've already spoken at length about the magic of the $98 Levi's Jeans a stylist always suggests to celebs, but it's worth bringing up again. Launched in recent years, Levi's Ribcage jeans are a hit among the stylish crowds in NYC, London, and Los Angeles. Aptly dubbed the Ribcage style, the jeans offer the highest rise on any Levi's to date, and at 12 1/8 inches, the ribcage-grazing waistline puts other high-waisted jeans on the market to shame. With so much hype surrounding these jeans over the years, I figured I'd try them on myself to see if they're a worthwhile investment. Ahead, you'll see how I'm wearing the jeans. Plus, you'll want to keep scrolling to see how other fashion girls are styling them and shop the current Ribcage styles to add to your closet.

How I wore them:


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The name makes them a bit daunting, but once I threw on my pair and buttoned them up past my belly button, it became immediately clear that these were the most flattering (and affordable!) jeans I had ever worn. It turns out they were designed to fit that way, according to Global Chief Product Officer Karyn Hillman. "Authentic look and feel inspired by a '90s Levi's 501 with the modern amplified rise is so flattering—perfectly styled high or low," she says. Now that the dark-wash pair is a permanent part of my wardrobe, I can't stop telling my friends to add them to their own wardrobes.

How fashion girls wear them:


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Shop more Levi's Ribcage jeans:

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