5 Obnoxiously Extra WFH Outfits I Wore This Week—Because Why Not?

I'll admit it—despite being a fashion editor, most of my work from home outfits have consisted of matching sweatsuits, oversized tees, and a whole lot of leggings. There's the occasional coffee run where I sometimes manage to put on a pair of jeans, but that's it. And as someone who obviously has a love for fashion, I began to stare at the void that is my closet and decided that enough was enough. For one week, I'd actually put in the effort that I would if I was going into the office, because why not? 

Although I consider myself a maximalist dresser, I still prioritize comfort heavily. The outfits ahead may seem a little too "extra" for a work from home setting, but I promise that all of them still kept me comfortable as I got through a workday (dare I say even giving me a confidence boost?) Now I don't know if I'll be wearing these extra 'fits on a daily occasion, but I do know that I will be reaching for an outfit a step up or two from my loungewear at least once a week to give my clothes (and fashion feeling) some loving during these times.

Ahead, you'll find (and be able to shop) a week of my outfits consisting of furry bucket hats, shearling sweaters, and cozy knits. 



@thatgirlyusra; Styling: Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Bucket Hat ($29) and Zara Pocket Knit Vest ($40)

On Mondays, all I care about is being cozy, and this hat did exactly that, all while giving me a little special something.




@thatgirlyusra; Styling: SourceUnknown dress; Vintage scarf

A ribbed dress or set is a perfect way to feel a bit more elevated while still not stepping too much out of your comfort zone. The silk scarf also just adds major Parisian vibes, don't you think?



@thatgirlyusra; Styling: Zara knit; House of Sunny pants, Tamara Mellon boots

I wore this 'fit to get my oat milk latte because yes I'm dairy-free but you can still catch me sporting cow print on the regular. A pair of printed pants is an easy way to liven up neutral knitwear. 



@thatgirlyusra; Styling: House of Sunny cardigan; Levi's Wedgie Straight Jeans ($98)

A little fur moment always takes your basics to the next level. The second I put this cardigan on, I felt like the main character.



@thatgirlyusra; Styling: Urban Outfitters sweater; Zara Faux Leather Leggings ($36)

I caved towards the end of the week and wore an oversized knit, but this one's got a fair isle print that acts as an immediate mood-booster. Plus, I wore leather pants instead of sweatpants, so that has to count, right?

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