4 Very Specific Colors Trending at Zara, H&M, and Mango

most popular colors to wear now



I know there are plenty of people who are staunchly loyal to wearing black, but I don't happen to be one of them. I've found that color is a great way to try out trends because you can choose classic, tried-and-true silhouettes in fun hues. In other words, you can feel like you're having fun with fashion without the risk of investing in any flash-in-the-pan trends.

To that end, I recently tapped a Pantone color expert to offer her take on the most soothing colors to wear right now. This time around, I sought out a different kind of expert: our readers' favorite retailers. I scanned through Zara, H&M, and Mango to see the common themes among them. The result: I found four specific colors that popped up time and time again. Scroll down to shop the stylish shades. 

1. Milk Chocolate Brown

Proof that wide-leg sweatpants can be quite chic. 

This shearling jacket is as cozy as it is stylish. 

Take notes: This dress looks great with knee-high boots. 

Spring will be here eventually. 

2. Buttery Yellow

Not your brother's corduroy pants. 

This cardigan is a steal at $20. 

Yep, I'd wear this sweater with wide-leg trousers as well. 

Such a versatile basic to wear with anything. 

Matching pants optional but encouraged. 

This has me dreaming of spring. 

Admit it: You'd wear these lounge pants with Birkenstocks as well. 

The definition of basic-not-boring. 

3. Seafoam Green

I'm all about roomy pieces right now. 

This color is absolutely everywhere right now. 

Zara always hits the nail on the head. 

I never want to wear anything skin-tight again. 

You can never own too many cozy hoodies. 

Thanks for the outfit inspo, Zara.

4. Fire-Engine Red

A far cry from a corporate pantsuit. 

This is such a pretty lace-trimmed top. 

Can you tell I'm obsessed with sweaters?

Consider putting your black trousers to the side for now. 

LRD, anyone? (Little Red Dress.) 

Don't overlook the cute pearl buttons.