3 Sandal Trends to Try This Summer (and One to Put Away for Now)

Photo: Collage Vintage

Sandal season is upon us, finally. But, while your mind might jump from summery footwear to the beach days ahead, it should come as no surprise that at Who What Wear, we go straight for the shopping. Which is why we decided to tap a few industry insiders to update us on the sandals we should (and shouldn't) be adding to our collections in the coming months.

Both Stuart Weitzman, the executive chairman of his namesake brand, and Jane Frances, designer of Dear Frances, gave us their take on the trends for the coming months. At the top of their must-shop lists were three styles in particular: mules, pearl embellished, and minimal-meets-refined. Each of the trends plays into the femininity we've seen become more popular over the past few seasons. In addition, they're refreshingly easy (and comfortable) to wear.

As for what style is on the out? Frances says, "I tend to shy away from too many straps or embellishments which feel a bit outdated and excessive." The bottom line: Look for sandals with simple, refined details, but avoid anything too over the top.

Read on for a chance to check out what both Weitzman and Frances had to say, and shop styles inspired by their picks!