The One Styling Trick All Royals Use to Elevate an Outfit

We know you have a thing for royal style (as do we), which is why we've shared everything from what they can and can't wear to the under-the-radar royals whose style shouldn't be overlooked. But what is it exactly that makes their polished and classic style so good? The answer to that is multi-pronged, but there is one dressing trick we've noticed almost all royal women use to make any outfit look that much more put-together.

After keeping such a close eye on everything Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton wear, we picked up on how they coordinate their shoes and bags to a T, as does another royal whose style we love, Queen Letizia of Spain. It sounds so simple, but picking out a pair of shoes—for royals, it's almost always pointed-toe pumps—in the same color or pattern as your bag, usually a boxy clutch, ties a whole outfit together in seconds flat.

Curious to see this simple yet powerful styling trick in action? Scroll down to see how Queen Letizia, Meghan Markle, and Kate Middleton have coordinated their shoes and bags in recent outfits.

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