11 Royals I'd Rather Dress Like Than Meghan Markle

I’m sorry! I’m just not that into Meghan Markle's style—or as we now call her, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. I mean, she’s fine and all, but in terms of style, I don’t find her as particularly inspiring as the rest of the internet seems to.

Maybe I’m just salty because she’s an American princess and I’m not, but nonetheless, there are a handful of other royal ladies from around the globe whose fashion choices I very much am into. You likely already know some, while you may have never heard of others, but one thing is for sure: They’re all worth keeping an eye on. To see the ladies who made my list and to read a little bit about each, simply continue on below. Then, don’t think you’re done until you’ve shopped my princess-inspired picks at every price point.

Now, for all the Meghan fans out there: Don’t worry, as we’ve got a whole section for that too.

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