You Won't Believe Which Brand Is Being Sold by Reformation

It's safe to say that when you think Reformation, performance fleece and down puffer jackets are not the first things that come to mind. The retailer's sensibility is more of the flirty, vintage-inspired dress variety. That said, the fact that it's every fashion girl's go-to brand means it can basically do whatever it wants and it will be cool.

One of the benchmarks of Reformation from the beginning has been that it's a sustainable company, using vintage and deadstock materials for all of its pretty pieces, which makes its endorsement of Patagonia a little less surprising. In the '90s, the outdoor clothing brand was the first to manufacture pieces from recycled plastic bottles, and it has continued to lead the way in the sustainable fashion arena while maintaining its status as a leader when it comes to outdoor gear.

Today, Reformation launched a curated collection of its favorite Patagonia pieces, styled to a T in true Ref fashion. Keep scrolling to shop them all, and be sure to take notes on how to style the slightly rugged outdoor gear like a Reformation-loving fashion girl. 

Copy Reformation's styling and pair this with cropped flares.

These are quite possibly the perfect pair of simple leggings.

Want to stay warm and resemble a teddy bear (in the best way possible)? Buy this.

What do you think of these Reformation-approved Patagonia pieces? Tell us in the comments!

Opening Image: Reformation

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