Meghan and Kate Inherited These 8 Beautiful Jewelry Pieces From Princess Diana


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Princess Diana's legacy continues to live on in numerous ways, including via several TV and film portrayals and, most importantly, through her children and grandchildren. Her daughters-in-law, too, have a special opportunity to carry a piece of Diana with them by way of jewelry.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have both inherited several pieces of jewelry from the late icon's personal collection, and it's bittersweet to see the precious pieces back in the spotlight. Of course, you already know that the Duchess of Cambridge's sapphire engagement ring once belonged to Diana, but her collection also includes plenty of other memorable pieces. Scroll down to revisit Princess Diana's jewelry and shop similar pieces. 

1. Butterfly Earrings


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Princess Diana wore her diamond-embellished butterfly earrings on numerous occasions, including a visit to Canada in May 1986, as shown here. 


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Meghan debuted the same earrings on her royal visit to Australia with Prince Harry in 2018. It was the first time she was seen in public since announcing that she was expecting baby Archie. 

2. Diamond Tennis Bracelet


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Along with her trendier pieces, Princess Diana loved wearing her classic diamond tennis bracelet. Here, she wore the bracelet to a gala benefiting the Red Cross in Washington, D.C., in June 1997. 


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Meghan has worn Diana's tennis bracelet several times, most recently at the Salute to Freedom Gala in November 2021. She paired it with a gold Cartier Love bracelet. 

3. Diamond-and-Pearl Earrings


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For fancy occasions, Princess Diana often paired a tiara with these earrings. 


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The duchess wore Diana's earrings to a red carpet event back in 2013. 

4. Three-Strand Pearl Bracelet


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Princess Diana brought along her three-strand pearl bracelet on her trip to Hong Kong in November 1989.


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Kate followed suit and brought the same pearl bracelet along on an international trip—specifically to Germany in 2017. 

5. Pearl Earrings


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Collingwood the Jeweller gifted these pearl earrings to Princess Diana for her wedding. 


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The Duchess of Cambridge wears these earrings frequently. Here, she wears them for a solemn occasion: a Remembrance Sunday service in November 2021. 

6. Aquamarine Ring


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Princess Diana's enormous aquamarine ring made several appearances, including at this event in June 1997. 


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Meghan famously flashed the huge ring as she was on her way to her wedding reception in 2018. 

7. Sapphire Engagement Ring


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Arguably the most famous piece of jewelry in existence, Princess Diana's 12-carat sapphire engagement ring now belongs to Kate. 


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The Duchess of Cambridge never takes off her special engagement ring inherited from Diana. 

8. Sapphire Earrings


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To complement her blue engagement ring, Princess Diana owned several other pieces of sapphire jewelry, as shown here in 1991. 


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Kate customized Diana's earrings and only used one stone per earring. 

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