The Crown Just Re-Created Princess Diana's "Revenge Dress" With Scary Accuracy

Filming is underway for The Crown's fifth season, and the costumes promise to be second to none. Elizabeth Debicki, who you may remember from The Night Manager or The Great Gatsby, is set to play Princess Diana in her early 30s in the 1990s. (She takes over for Emma Corrin, who played the icon in the '80s.) Thanks to paparazzi images, we have a sneak peek of perhaps the royal's most famous outfit, second to her wedding dress: her "revenge dress." 

But first, a little background. Princess Diana attended a gala at the famed Serpentine Gallery on June 29, 1994, wearing an off-the-shoulder black dress by Christina Stambolian, a Greek designer who established her brand in London. Earlier this same day, a documentary aired, in which Prince Charles admitted to having an affair during his marriage to Diana. The timing of the event, where the princess looked positively stunning, led people to dub her look the "revenge dress." 

Now, 27 years later, Debicki has re-created the outfit with uncanny accuracy, including the hair, jewelry, dress, and sheer tights. Scroll down to see the homage and to shop pieces to emulate it yourself. 

Princess Diana in 1994


Getty Images

Here, Princess Diana was being welcomed to the gala at Serpentine Gallery in London. 


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This photo of Princess Diana was the 1994 version of a viral sensation. 

Elizabeth Debicki Filming The Crown


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Here's a sneak peek of season five of The Crown, with Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in the '90s. 

Re-Create the Look 

This one is a bit longer than Princess Diana's, but no less chic. 

This one is even styled with similarly sheer tights, so you know it's perfect.

The OG dress had some very pretty ruching like this one does. 

Sheer tights are essential to re-creating this look. 

None other than First Lady Jill Biden owns this clutch. 

You'll never regret investing in classic black pumps.