7 Things You Must Own If You Only Wear Black

What to wear with black


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

For people who prefer to only wear black (or even people who just wear all black sometimes), there are things you can own that make wearing all black significantly more exciting. Mostly, they fall under the categories of accessories, shoes, and complementary basics, and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

This isn’t a story about the black pieces you need to own. (If you’re reading this, you already own plenty.) It’s a story about what to wear with your closet full of black clothing. As you know, it goes with everything. Even black and brown look good together, in our opinion. But it would be quite boring to just wear all black all the time without adding cool pieces, so we found seven types of fashion items that do just that, from T-shirts to socks. Keep scrolling to shop them all so that your all-black outfits can live their best life from here on out.

Interesting Jewelry

Nothing looks better with an all-black outfit than unique jewelry that stands out against the inky hue.

Non-Boring Blazers

We love pairing a neutral blazer with black pieces. Don't worry. It'll still feel like you're wearing all black. 

Graphic T-Shirts

Every chic woman who wears all black pairs it with an equally chic graphic tee on occasion.

Cool Belts

A statement-making belt is our favorite thing to wear with denim and black these days.

Light-Wash Denim

Yes, you can play it safe and wear black or dark-wash denim, or you can give your look a cool '90s vibe.

Special Black Bags

If you only wear black, you probably gravitate toward black bags. Choose one that's unique.

Colorful Shoes

Add some interest to an all-black look with the help of shoes that provide a little splash of color.