An Expert Told Me the 5 Most Soothing Colors to Wear RN

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I'm stressed. You're stressed. We've all had it with 2020 and everything that has come along with it. Hopefully, you've developed some relaxation techniques by now, which might involve calming beauty products or a little something extra in your coffee. From a fashion perspective, wearing cozy pajamas isn't the only way to get zen. Have you ever thought of strategically choosing relaxing colors to wear? Well, I tapped a certified expert to offer an expert opinion on the subject.

In my interview with Pantone Color Institute's Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, she suggested five soothing colors to wear when you're stressed. Scroll down to find out which specific hues made her list and browse my shopping picks for each color. 

1. Light Buttery Yellow

"A subtle yellowish off-white, Pantone 12-0713 imparts a smooth, mellow demeanor."

These buttery boots are so gorgeous. 

2. Menthol Green

"Pantone 13-0117A is a mentholated green that cools and soothes," Eiseman said. 

So much fresher than a black puffer. 

3. Cerulean Blue 

"Pantone 15-4020, reminds us of the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day," Eiseman told Who What Wear. 

This is such a practical and useful buy. 

Not a bad price considering this is cashmere. 

These pajamas have rave reviews on Nordstrom because they're so comfy.

4. Dusty Pink

"Pantone 16-1511 is a gentle dusky pink that exudes a sense of composure," Eiseman told us. 

I love a good shacket—a.k.a. a shirt-jacket hybrid. 

You'll want to live in this look 24/7. 

These slit sleeves make the sweater. 

In case you watch to switch out your black leggings every once in a while. 

Satin skirts are always chic. 

I love oversized blazers for a laidback vibe. 

H&M always has the best prices. 

5. Ultramarine Green

"Pantone 18-5338 is a deep, calming blue-green that restores poise and self-assurance." 

This insanely beautiful sweater is at the top of my wish list. 

The ties on the sleeves are such a great touch. 

In case you're looking for a new designer investment, you can't go wrong with this looker. 

This deep forest green hue is almost black but will show its true colors in the sunlight. 

This is perfect for layering under your favorite coat.