From J.Lo to Dua Lipa, These Are the Best Ponytails to Copy Right Now

While I delight in taking my time with a good skincare routine at the end of a long day, I've made no secret of the fact that I consider dealing with my hair an altogether more boring chore. From washing it to styling it, I'll do everything in my power to reduce the amount of time that I spend on my strands each day to the bare minimum. (Hence my intense love of dry shampoo for extending the number of days I can go between washes.)

Similarly, whether it's getting ready for work or meeting friends at the weekend, I'm only interested in the quickest and easiest hairstyles for my hair. Sure, braids might look cool, but I just don't have the patience for an updo that requires a YouTube tutorial and another pair of hands to re-create it at home. Luckily, though, there's one hairstyle having something of a renaissance recently—and it genuinely only takes two minutes to do at home. And with everyone from Sophie Turner to Thandie Newton stepping out in it recently, it's safe to say I've been converted to its classic charm.

The hairstyle in question is, of course, the humble ponytail. Worn high or low, straight or curly, it always looks good—and, best of all, requires basically no skill to do at home. All you need is a hairbrush and a hairband and you can be ready and out the door in moments. I'm sold. If you've yet to be converted, keep scrolling for 25 celebrities and fashion girls with the best ponytail hairstyles to copy right now.

Dua Lipa



This pony is the definition of a hairstyle that looks complicated but is actually so easy. These quirky braids will pair perfectly with a quirky outfit as demonstrated by Dua here. 

Sophie Turner
Ponytail Hairstyles: Sophie Turner



How cute is Sophie Turner's preppy ponytail? Backcomb yours at the roots to add '60s-inspired texture at the crown of your hair. 

Hailey Bieber
Ponytail Hairstyles: Hailey Bieber



I'm into how Hailey's kept her ponytail really tight with beachy waves through the lengths.

Victoria Beckham
Ponytail Hairstyles: Victoria Beckham



classic hair look for VB here as she secures her mid-length ponytail with a simple black ribbon.

ASOS Lotte
Ponytail Hairstyles: ASOS Lotte



Ponytails have a bit of a rep as a summer hairstyle, but Lotte proves that they work all year round with this layered look. 

Thandie Newton
Ponytail Hairstyles: Thandie Newton



Don't just reserve your ponytail for in-between hair wash days or lazy Sundays. Make like Thandie and embrace the glamour of the pony for party season too.

Olivia Munn
Ponytail Hairstyles: Olivia Munn



Experiment with your ponytail partings for different effects. I love Olivia Munn's sleek, center-parted style here.

Lauren Perez



Middle parts are always a chic and easy option if you're trying to create a hairstyle on the go. 

Paloma Elsesser



Keep it short, keep it sweet. This easy pony requires only a little hair spray and a soft and short wave. 

Bella Hadid



Bella is the queen of slicked-back hair, particularly when it comes to ponytails. The volume and slight frizz in the back are what makes this one really stand out. 

Nnenna Echem
Ponytail Hairstyles: Nnenna Echem



Layer up the hair accessories on one side of your ponytail to shake up this simple style.

Jennifer Lopez
Ponytail Hairstyles: Jennifer Lopez



It's not just J.Lo's skin that looks damn amazing at 50 years old—it's her hair too.

Stephanie Broek
Ponytail Hairstyles: Stephanie Broek



How low can you go? Stephanie's cool-girl ponytail would take more like 30 seconds to do at home. Just scoop it all back and add a scrunchie.

Ariana Grande



No one does ponytails like Ari. Considering it's her signature look, we really wouldn't expect anything less. Copy her hairstyle by making sure your hair is stick straight for that sleek and shiny look. 

Laura Harrier
Ponytail Hairstyles: Laura Harrier



Use a big-barrelled curling tong to add soft waves to your ponytail to replicate Laura Harrier's glamorous style.

Claire Most
Ponytail Hairstyles: Claire Most



I love how Claire has wrapped one of her braids around her hairband to disguise the elastic and create a layered effect.

Ponytail Hairstyles: Beyoncé



Bey is embracing a "more is more" approach for an anything but basic ponytail here. Braids and ringlet curls make for quite the statement.

Devon Carlson



Let your front layers down for the evening, wave them softly, and put the rest up in a high pony. Finish the look by wrapping a piece of your hair around the base of your ponytail for that salon-quality touch. 

Camila Coelho



A dramatic side part is an easy way to take a basic ponytail and make it look so posh.

Camille Charriere



Fake a good hair day with a sleek middle part and a  low pony. 

Emma Chamberlain



Contrast a bold makeup look with a simple yet interesting high ponytail. Extra points if you wrap your hair around the rubber band. 

Peony Lim
Ponytail Hairstyles: Peony Lim



This slicked-back, side-parted style from Peony is a classic way to wear a mid-height ponytail.

Eva Longoria
Ponytail Hairstyles: Eva Longoria



If you don't like your ponytail feeling too polished, then pull a few strands free around the front of your face like Eva to soften the look.

Delilah Belle



There's no better vacation look than a slicked pony and a glowing makeup look. 

Lily Aldridge
Ponytail Hairstyles: Lily Aldridge



There's literally not a hair out of place on Lily's high-shine ponytail. Use a shine spray or hair serum before brushing your hair into place for similar luminosity.