These Are the 16 Hair Products I Use Every Single Week

While I love doing my nightly skincare routine and delight in applying my makeup, I spent years despising washing my hair, drying it and deciding what to do with it. (Spoiler: My hair is either down, in a messy bun or in some kind of half-up, half-down style.) Sometimes it feels like my hair has a life of its own: While a nourishing shampoo might leave my hair falling into soft, silky waves on Monday, on Saturday I'll often have entirely different results. It's frustrating, to say the least.

Before we go any further, a bit about my hair. The daughter of a man with thick, tight curls and a woman with fine, poker-straight strands, my hair has been left decidedly in between. Neither straight nor curly, it settles into a kinky wave when left to its own devices. It pretty much always feels dry, is prone to frizz (something which I love and embrace on a daily basis, but I'll admit that sometimes I do want to smooth it out) and can last a solid five days between washes.


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Thankfully, over the past year or so, I've managed to carefully curate an edit of hair products that actually work and manage to make hair-wash day feel like less of a chore. For a product to make its way into my permanent haircare shortlist, it has to provide one of three things: moisture (to combat dryness), time (as in, saving me it), or the professional polish I normally only get when I visit the hairdresser's. Trust me—each of these products has been thoroughly tried and tested, so keep scrolling to shop the 16 products I use every single week.


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Texture spray

Dry shampoo

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