I Religiously Follow All These Over-40 Celebs for Skincare Recommendations

From Victoria Beckham to Drew Barrymore, there's a whole lot of A-listers who are proving that age really is just a number when it comes to their beauty routines. In fact, I recently realised I almost exclusively follow over-40 celebrities for skincare recommendations. And it's not surprising, really. With access to the best facialists and beauty products, it's the women who have been in the industry for the longest that have managed to reap the benefits of amazing skin. After all, when I recently caught up with Kate Moss's facialist to chat all things skin, she made it clear that creating a good routine in your 20s and 30s was the best path to enjoying amazing skin once you hit 40.


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Keep scrolling for 10 over-40 celebrities that I follow on Instagram for not only their incredible complexions but also their tried-and-tested skincare recommendations. Plus, shop their product picks below.


Liv Tyler
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Seriously, Liv Tyler might have the most perfect skin of any celebrity—over 40 or not. And its no surprise, really. Tyler recently revealed her rather impressive 25-step beauty and self-care routine to Vogue, and it's clear that this is a lady that likes to take care of her skin. From a Smurf-coloured purifying face mask to a lymph-draining massage tool, Tyler often takes to Instagram Stories to share snippets of her latest skincare loves, so she's well worth a follow.


Halle Berry
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I follow Halle Berry for two things: her natural beauty looks and her book recommendations. (Seriously, if you're a bookworm, then give her a follow.) Plus, she's no stranger to sharing a selfie while wearing a face mask or a product tip or two. If my skin even looks a quarter of how good hers does at 53 years old, I'll be a very happy woman.


Gwyneth Paltrow
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It's no surprise that with a whole wellness and lifestyle brand at her fingertips, Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow is a fountain of good skin vibes on her Instagram too. She's renowned as saying she'll try anything in the quest for good skin (a girl after my own heart), so I always trust that Gwynnie's skincare recommendations have been truly tried and tested.


Victoria Beckham
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I've made no secret of my all-around obsession with Victoria Beckham (heck, I even spent a week doing VB's entire skincare routine in place of my own), but this lady is basically a beauty influencer in her own right. Honestly, if you're ever in need of some serious skincare advice, then check out Beckham's beauty highlight reel, which is full of the products that she swears by. Now, I'm just waiting with bated breath for Victoria Beckham Beauty to see what skincare products she churns out.


Thandie Newton
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Along with amazing makeup looks and the cutest photos with her daughter, Nico, I follow Thandie Newton for major skin inspiration. Newton manages to exude the kind of glow I only get after a fortnight off work in the sun (which, as it happens, I've only enjoyed once in my life), so any product recommendations I can decipher from her Instagram, I will happily rush out to purchase.


Kate Beckinsale
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It was this bathroom selfie of 46-year-old Kate Beckinsale that made me sit up and take notice of just how incredible her skin is. Honestly, I could only ever have dreamed of such a clear complexion—even as a teenager. Turns out that it's all down to her love of SPF. 


Jennifer Lopez
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J.Lo has pretty much trademarked glow, so it's really no surprise that her skin is as luminous at 50 as it was at 30. Lopez remains famously tight-lipped about her skincare routine, but every now and then, she lets slip a product that she swears by. (And I rush out to purchase it, of course.)


Julia Roberts
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The original pretty woman, 51-year-old Julia Roberts is one of my favourite celebrities to follow on Instagram, particularly for behind-the-scenes peeks of her award season looks. As a Lancôme ambassador, Roberts swears by many of its skincare products for retaining her youthful glow.


Drew Barrymore
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We've already counted the reasons that Drew Barrymore doesn't look 44 years old (there are 12, FYI), and her Instagram is a dream for beauty recommendations and peeks at Barrymore's very own makeup line, Flower Beauty.


Tracee Ellis Ross
(Image credit: @TRACEEELLISROSS)

When I think of actor Tracee Ellis Ross, I think of two things: dewy skin and standout makeup looks. She recently revealed on Instagram that she will be launching her very own hair brand called Pattern "for curly, coily and tight textured hair," so I reckon I'll be bookmarking her hair looks soon too.

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