The Flat-Shoe Trend That's Becoming Obsolete (and What's Replacing It)

Just stating the obvious here, but flat shoes are important. Life is busy, and while there's a time and a place for heels if you're so inclined, it's safe to say that our flats are what we reach for most often. We travel in them; we wear them to work (or at least for the commute); we put them on for sporting events, brunches, coffee dates, and even nights out with certain outfits. 

As with any other shoe style, flats trends come and go, and a change of seasons like we're experiencing now is just the time to give your collection a little refresh. Enter fashion and retail technology company Edited, which uses shopping data to pinpoint the trends that are over, happening, and coming for our closets in the future. Edited retail analyst Katharine Carter crunched the flat-shoe numbers for us and shared the trend that sadly (or not, depending on your preferences) is becoming obsolete, and what three styles are replacing it. She said, "Arrivals of brogues see lower levels of investment, with 48% fewer styles currently retailing compared to last year." If retailers aren't investing in the trend, then it's likely that shoppers won't either, so it looks like the classic lace-up flats are going on an indefinite hiatus.

Keep scrolling to shop three styles Carter says are trending instead.

Replace With: Mary Janes

"Mary Janes were a strong trend on the fall 2019 runway and are having a revival. Zara, J.Crew, and ASOS are already stocking several styles for the new season."

Replace With: Ballet Flats

"The humble ballet flat is also making a comeback, with new arrivals up 24% YOY where the style is currently experiencing low discounting."

Replace With: Chunky-Sole Flats

"As platform footwear remains a popular trend, inventory of chunky-soled flat shoes is up 78% versus 2018."

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