And Now, 19 Pairs of Flats You Can Walk Miles In

Anyone who does their fair share of walking knows that when it comes to shoes, comfort reigns over everything else—especially when you’re planning to invest in a quality pair. Sure, you could have the most stylish It shoes on the planet, but what does that all come down to when you’re left with throbbing pain? And while you could forgo the height of sky-high heels, if you don’t have flats with arch support, you’re left with the same predicament.

Given the nature of flat shoes—whether they’re minimalist sandals, brogues, or anything in between—there usually isn’t much support or padding for your soles. Or when you do find something with support, they’re not quite as chic as you would like. Not to worry; we’ve got you. With an ample amount of research (and customer reviews from different retailers to help), we’ve found flat shoes you can walk miles in—and they're stylish, too. Scroll down to see them all below. Your feet will thank you later. 

Standout Review: "I bought these in an endless quest to find comfortable shoes that don't look 'sensible.' I feel like this time I have had success. The insole is quilted and has good arch support that is not hard on the foot or difficult to break in. These were easy to wear from the start and look polished with both jeans and the ubiquitous black pants." — JL60, Nordstrom customer

Shop the The Starling Flat in Burgundy Velvet
Birdies The Starling Flat

Standout Review: "Very comfortable right out the box. Great arch support. Stylish. Purchased for a vacation with plans for walking. Bought a half size smaller as indicated." — Barwal, Nordstrom customer 

Standout Review: "Wow, these are so comfortable, the leather is soft and they have nice support. They are more solid than a typical ballet flat but still look nice. This may be my go-to brand for flats." — Hammy123, Nordstrom customer

Standout Review: "These are my second pair. The sole will conform to your foot. I wore the first pair nearly every day (after kicking off heels for work) in the summer and sometimes in the rain." — Rmf08, Nordstrom customer

Shop the Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal in Copper Leather
Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

Standout Review: "These shoes are so comfortable that you could wear them like house slippers! I have plantar fasciitis and have bought many pairs of shoes, but these are the best… They are true to size and have good arch support!! I definitely recommend these shoes!!" — Ciela, Macy's customer

Shop the Sharon Gracie Platform Loafers in Burgundy
Clarks Sharon Gracie Platform Loafers

Standout Review: "Stylish and comfortable. The textured leather adds to the appeal of this loafer. I like the fact that the sole is substantial enough for city walking. I have a little bunion and this does not cause any discomfort." — Flosseig, Nordstrom customer

Standout Review: "I love these shoes! I just purchased my second pair because I ran my first pair into the ground. It’s so hard to find a comfortable flat and these really hit it out of the park for me. They’re cute, comfortable & supportive. They’re expensive but worth it. Highly recommend!" — MCR2288, Nordstrom customer

Standout Review: "Beautiful color, nice suede, and really well constructed inside with a little arch support. Stable footbed and easy to walk in at a good price." — Catbow, Nordstrom customer

Standout Review: "I bought them a week ago and wore them to an occasion, which I usually don’t do. I don’t like to wear a new shoe to an occasion in case it’s not comfortable & I have very sensitive feet. Luckily it worked out well since the insole is padded. I got 2 pairs right away since I could sense that this shoe will be successful!" — Blemi, Bloomingdale's customer

Standout Review: "These shoes are super comfortable and I don’t feel like I’ve been wearing flats all day by the time I get home. They are supportive! They look great with jeans and work pants." — MadeleineP, Nordstrom customer

Standout Review: "Love this shoe! It's light as a feather, feminine with the pointy front and great arch support." — SUSMS, Nordstrom customer

Standout Review: "Lovely casual soft suede. This is the second pair I found the first pair tight in my normal size this time I sized up 1/2 size and they are very comfortable. There is good arch support with no break-in required." — Blondie1950, Nordstrom customer

Shop the Flores Driving Loafer in Black
Ugg Flores Driving Loafer
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