Every "Ugly" and Pretty Shoe Trend Fashion Girls Will Wear This Fall

Aside from basics like white sneakers, black Chelsea boots, and nude pumps, it seems like every shoe trend these days falls into one of two camps: "ugly" or pretty. Think about it—sporty sandals, high-heel flip-flops, hot pink satin heels, and strappy sandals are just a few of the 2019 shoe trends that fall distinctly into one category or the other. And with fall approaching, a whole new crop of shoes have hit the market, many of which, you guessed it—are either pretty or ugly.

In our opinion, a well-rounded shoe wardrobe consists of both ugly and pretty shoes in addition to your basics. We chose the below trends to highlight by scouring Instagram and the new arrivals at some of our favorite e-tailers to see which styles are well represented. We think we chose well. Scroll on to add some life to your fall shoe collection.



Crystal-embellished shoes (especially heels) have been an on-the-rise trend for the past couple of seasons, and it's now officially full-blown.


If this trend is good enough for Beyoncé, it's certainly good enough for us.

Mary Janes

While there are some Mary Janes that do fall under the ugly shoe umbrella, we think many of the newer styles on the market are decidedly pleasing to the eye.

Pistachio Green

This may seem a little specific, but pistachio green is a major It color for fall 2019. It's only natural that shoe trends would also reflect that.


Lug-Sole Boots

As soon as the weather cools, you'll see this trend on cool girls around the world. Pair it with pretty pieces for the most impact.

Extreme Square Toes

Subtle squares certainly soften the look, but many of the It shoes for fall have very extreme squared toes that ensure no one will miss the trend.


Mattress-inspired shoes are certainly one of the most bizarre trends to come out of the fall season, but this is where we are.

Thick Platforms

You can credit the return of the '70s trend for this throwback trend, which is the perfect complement to voluminous dresses (also a trend).


Clogs are certainly polarizing, but similar to the platform shoe trend, we have the return of the '70s (and Jacquemus) to thank for this one.