The Legging Trend Every Girl Will Wear Next Year


Timur Emek

If you’re looking to end 2017 by updating your workout selection, this one’s for you. Today we’re sharing the latest trend in leggings that’s going to be everywhere next year. For expert insight, we reached out to the masterminds behind the celeb-approved activewear brand PE Nation, Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, for their prediction on the style everyone will wear in 2018. The design duo and co-founders agree that next year will be all about bold colors, statement contrasts, and major color-blocking. "This season you will see a lot more contrast and colored zips and stripes against different-colored leggings," Tregoning shared. "And condensed color-blocking. As for colors this season, you will see a lot of reds and pinks," Edwards added. To ensure you’re set with the freshest leggings for next year, we’ve rounded up an assortment of the boldest options with the coolest color-blocking details.

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