The Bags Everyone Will Carry in 3 Months

Like it or not, the time has come to stow away the straw bags that were practically glued to everyone's arms all summer and re-embrace ones that are a little more substantial. Given that fashion month is in full swing, the forward-thinking show attendees are already carrying the latest bags, and we've been taking notes. Among the bags we've started seeing, we think four, in particular, are about to blow up in popularity.

And how did we come to this It bag–forecasting conclusion? For starters, we took into account the brands that people are crazy about generally right now, whether or not they're the next iteration of an existing It bag and if the bag incorporates existing handbag trends and/or major fall trends.

Ready to familiarize yourself with the bags everyone will be carrying in a few short months, according to our predictions? Read on to do just that, and shop an assortment of bags that everyone is already carrying.