These Are the Most Expensive Shoes of 2017


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Interested in finding out the most expensive shoes of 2017? Well, get ready—this time around they were pretty epic (and pricey). Coming in at $10,000, Saint Laurent’s silver over-the-knee crystal boots were the costliest item in the footwear department this year. They were also one of the most photographed. When they walked down the runway last spring, fashion editors and influencers posted photos of them immediately, and they quickly became the buzziest shoes in recent memory. Now they’ve appeared in endless fashion editorials and have graced the legs of cool models everywhere. If you’re hoping to get the look of the cool style but don’t want to shell out $10k, you’re in luck. We’ve done some digging to pull together the coolest silver boots on the market to replicate the look.

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Saint Laurent designed the most expensive boots of 2017 with these silver crystal-embellished over-the-knee boots.

Available in sizes 7 to 9. 

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