This Is the Model-Off-Duty Staple of 2016

You've probably noticed by now that there's a model-off-duty "look" that consists of certain brands, outfit formulas, trends, and recurring pieces. It's not that they all want to dress alike, per se. Given their vocation, models have some of the best style around (hence the reason we're all on a constant mission to emulate them).

They have their pick of the coolest pieces and are in the know about the biggest current and future trends. Additionally, they tend to gravitate toward comfortable clothing when they're not working, which is why they can't help but wear pieces like leggings. And what pairs perfectly with leggings and skinny jeans? An oversize denim jacket, of course. It provides a bit of coverage and balances out the slimness of the pants.

We've seen more models than we can count as of late wearing their oversize denim jackets on repeat. From Bella Hadid to Karlie Kloss, we rounded up a few of our favorite instances where models have used an oversize denim jacket to amp up that cool factor they all consistently seem to achieve so effortlessly.

Check them out below, and be sure to shop our oversize denim jacket picks at the end!