6 Model-Approved Packing Tips You've Never Heard Before

When we tally up the talents of top models, the list is impressive. Runway walk, check. Mad social media skills, also check. But, there's one universal area of expertise that often goes unnoticed; models are in fact, expert packers.

With all the time they spend jet setting from one destination to the next (judging by Instagram, it never stops), top models have mastered the stressful art of, well, cramming everything into a suitcase.

Living out of a carry-on isn't unusual for these trendsetters, and with so much practice packing under their belts, we figured there's a trick or two they've picked up along the way. When given the chance to chat them up, our first question was obviously about how they manage to travel in style. Below, six Victoria's Secret models spill their top packing tips, just in time for that winter getaway you've been planning.

Read on for a breakdown of what they had to say along with some shopping to help you master model-approved travel style!