I Tried On 8 Espadrilles For My Next Vacation, These 5 Were The Most Flattering

Buying shoes online has never been easy but thanks to our Associate Fashion Editor Sierra Mayhew, now it is. She zips around the stores of New York City trying on every trending shoe to report on the comfort, fit, and style so you never have to make a return again.

If you’ve read my column, you know I am a sucker for a comfortable pair of shoes. I mean, the journey of “If The Shoe Fits” all started with the fact that I refuse to settle for anything that I can walk in for less than 10,000 steps. So with that being said, it was a natural journey for me to niche down on a very specific shoe style for my summer wardrobe. Who doesn’t love good espadrilles when the weather begins to warm up? 

Spotted on Anna Wintour on a nearly weekly basis and also Kate Middleton, I’ve come to realize that this shoe is the epitome of a glamorous woman who also likes flirting with the idea of keeping it casual from time to time. One thing I can guarantee you is that all of the styles that I tried below are comfortable, it’s just the nature of an espadrille. Not only that but I was impressed by the fact that everything was pretty much sized as I expected. There were no returns of exchanges here. Below, shop the 5 espadrilles that I’ll be raving about and that I’m sure will sell out by summer.

When I first began my search for the best espadrilles, this style from Tory Burch instantly grabbed my attention. Designers have been selling everyone on the timeless thong sandal and this might be my favorite pair to date. They look so luxe for a great price point and I can tell you that in person the quality is just as good. I love the ankle strap because it makes me feel secure in these shoes and they’re more comfortable than the other thong-style sandals that I've tried.

Of every style that I tried today, this was the most comfortable. For some reason, Zara’s shoe section often exceeds my expectation and I tend to walk away with a pair of shoes that I can wear anywhere I go and still be comfortable. At under $100, this is my suggestion for anyone who is on a budget but determined to wear a pair of espadrilles.

As soon as I tried these shoes on, I decided that if anyone is going to an outdoor wedding this year, they need them. Skip the stilettos that will have you sinking into the sand, the sole of this shoe is story and you’ll avoid taking a tumble. Any event on your calendar will be a great fit for these shoes and I highly recommend wearing them wherever you’re headed. This style reminds me of the YSL marakesh store that I’m dreaming of visiting.

When I started working on an article about espadrilles, I became interested in the history behind them and learned that Yves Saint Laurent himself called upon Castañer, a Spanish brand that invented the first ever wedge sandals, to create the first style that Saint Laurent would produce. If you know espadrilles, you know about this brand and you can trust that anything you order from them will be good. I love that leather and canvas play together in this pair of shoes to create a beautiful woven point at the toe. It’s a luxury take on flats that I’m absolutely here for.


These shoes are so sleek and structural that at first sight I was nervous to put them on. In all honesty, they look a bit uncomfortable from afar. As soon as I slid them on, I was convinced that they are the best shoes on the market if you’re look for a pair of espadrilles that look 2023. The wedge on them was quite sturdy.

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