We're Giving Mismatched Shoes a Try—Hear Us Out


Timur Emek/Getty Images

It all started with Céline's S/S 17 runway. Models traipsed down the catwalk in a colorful collection of footwear, mixing and matching hues on each foot—a red and a white bootie here, a black and a white sandal pairing there. Moschino and Calvin Klein soon followed, the latter in a more subtle way with alternating embellishments, and the former in true over-the-top fashion. But how do we get this trend to translate from the runway to the everyday?

When it comes to puling off mismatched shoes with the chic aplomb we've seen on the runways, there are a few rules to keep in mind. First, stick to like finishes. That means if you are going patent with one shoe, seek a patent pairing. Alternating finishes can be easier to pull off if you're utilizing neutral colors, but if you're new to the trend, sticking to similar finishes is a safe starting ground. Second, unless you're feeling particularly adventurous, choose a neutral for at least one of the shoes. A pop of color can be a fun focal point for your overall look, but two brightly colored shoes can quickly overwhelm your outfit. The final and probably the most important rule is in order to mix and match from two different pairs of shoes, they need to be the exact same style in alternate colors. If they aren't the same style by the same brand—regardless of how similar they look—you'll find yourself wobbling after putting them on. Mismatching shoes can be a fun way to practice a little color theory in your dress, but it's a challenging trend to take on. Follow these rules, and it'll be a lot easier to pull off. Keep reading for 18 pairs of mismatched shoes, from the subtle to the adventurous, and try the look for yourself.

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