The Best Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials You Haven't Tried Yet


Collage Vintage

The great thing about a minimalist wardrobe is that at once it can feel modern and utterly timeless. Sticking to streamlined silhouettes dreamed up in luxe fabrics and adding in unique accessories is a winning formula for looking chic every time you step outside. Just look to women like Vanessa Traina, Barbara Martelo, and Nicole Warne, who are examples of this reserved take on fashion. They always have a command of the latest trends but wear them in a way that feels pared back and cool. To tap into this specific brand of minimalism, we took a deeper look at the pieces needed to pull it off.

Whether you’re a minimalist through and through or want to test out the look, we’ve pulled together some pieces you might not have tried out before. From sculptural jewelry that’s inspired by design to bags that are anything but ordinary to interesting takes on your everyday fashion essentials, these are the new minimalist wardrobe staples you’ll find in the closets of cool girls.

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