The Best Minimal Jewelry Brands Everyone Should Know

I'm kind of obsessed with minimalist style. Even though the trends everyone's talking about at the moment are far from subdued, I still have a real sweet spot for clean, pared-down aesthetics. I mean, do the Instagram feeds of influencers like Débora Rosa and Elif Filyos not give you all the feels? Mhm, that's what I thought. But beyond the minimal clothing that defines the style, I've noticed a plethora of minimal jewelry brands adorning the earlobes, fingers, and wrists of stylish women everywhere.

You've probably seen the jewelry I'm talking about, too. Dainty signet rings, sculptural earrings, and barely there stackable necklaces are just some of the jewelry trends that these minimalist-leaning women know and love. But make no mistake—you don't have to be committed to an über-minimalistic wardrobe to participate in this aesthetic. All you need to know are the essential jewelry brands that supply these beautiful baubles. Discover them, shop them, and commit them to heart.

Speaking of jewelry you'll never want to take off, I've been wearing this jewelry trend every summer since I was 7.