Where to Shop to Build Your Collection of Fine Layering Necklaces


(Image credit: @ycljewels)

Who doesn’t love the look of a carefully curated selection of layered necklaces? Whether you choose to stick with one metal color or mix it up, layering delicate necklaces always makes for a jewellery look that is simultaneously personalized and elegant. Not to mention that once you have a well-stocked selection, mixing and matching dainty pieces makes for an endless number of unique jewellery looks.

While it may at first seem like a carefree and random process, choosing which pieces to include in your collection is more like an art form. The two biggest secrets to building up a good base of self-curated necklaces? Quality and variety. Rather than thinking “more is more," instead, choose well-crafted pieces that will last a lifetime. After all, these are pieces you want to be able to treasure for years to come.

Similarly, consciously choosing a variety of styles means that no matter which trends come and go, you’ll always have something that feels relevant. Not only will you always look on trend, but mixing up brands and designers will also help your layers look more unique. While dainty necklaces may seem kind of boring at first, a good mix of styles (simple and intricate) will keep your selection feeling fresh. To help with your search, we've curate some of our favorites below. 

Alex Monroe

Jolie & Deen

YCL Jewels

Vrai & Oro



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Dear Addison