Gwyneth Paltrow's Makeup Artist Told Us the Mistake Women Over 40 Always Make


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Life after 40 rules: You're no longer humming with insecurities you might have experienced in your 20s and 30s; you're generally more settled and comfortable in your own skin. Speaking of skin, though, figuring out how to adjust your skincare routine is one area that might require a bit more consideration.

By the time we turn 40, we start to notice lines around the mouth, the forehead, and the eyes, and our makeup often begins to just sit differently on our faces. But modifying our makeup bags and our routines to suit our new needs is easier said than done. We're not all professional makeup artists, after all, and figuring out the ideal products and techniques to use on aging skin can be seriously challenging.

Fortunately, we have the perfect celebrity makeup artist to help navigate. Enter: Jamie Greenberg, a Hollywood makeup artist whose handiwork can be found on the likes of age 40–plus icons like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rashida Jones, Chelsea Handler, Maya Rudolph, Lauren Graham, and Julie Bowen. Greenberg is also the creator of Jamie's Swag Bag, a monthly box of curated makeup and skincare finds.

We asked Greenberg to share some of the most common makeup mistakes she sees women over 40 making—plus a few tricks that will instantly up your makeup game. Keep scrolling to see her tips.

1. Slacking on Skincare Prep

No matter how skilled you are, the best makeup in the world can still look dull and cakey without healthy skin underneath. Take it from Greenberg who says she sees a lot of women over 40 expect their makeup to do all the work for them.

"Many women don't hydrate or have a full skincare regimen," she says. "I highly suggest finding products that feed your skin. It's imperative so that makeup can look more natural on the skin."

Dehydration and fine lines and wrinkles are often the key concerns for aging skin (though everyone's skin type and issues are different). Below, check out a basic skincare routine to try if you want to plump and de-wrinkle your skin without too much effort.



Day Serum

Night Serum


2. Screwy Foundation Application

Poorly blended foundation looks wonky on everyone, but it's especially obvious on more mature skin. "Many women haphazardly schmear on foundation with their hands, and often miss spots or create lines of demarcation," says Jamie. "It's so important to take your time and put it on evenly."

Instead of slapping on foundation with your fingers, try a thick foundation brush, like the Rodial The Airbrush Foundation Brush ($55) or EcoTools Wonder Cover Complexion Brush ($9) or—Jamie's favorite—a classic Beautyblender (don't forget to dampen it) for flawless application.

3. Sticking With the Same Look for Years

What happens when you get so accustomed to the look and products you've been using since college? One day you wake up, it's 20 years later, you're on the last stub of a very old lipstick, and your whole look is super dated.

"We don't keep the same clothes or wear the same thing every day. The same thing goes for skincare and makeup," says Greenberg. "If it's old, throw it out." Greenberg says she has friends who've had pans of eye shadow for 10 years or more. "Not only is that unsanitary, but it also looks bad on the skin," she says. "I'm all for a signature style, but it's fun to switch things up."

It doesn't have to be a total overhaul. Make a simple change! For example, try navy liner instead of black, a coral lip instead of nude, or a dewy foundation instead of matte. Experiment with filling in your brows with a fiber-rich gel instead of a waxy pencil, or even go for colored mascara. "Little changes make a big difference," Greenberg says.

Quick Tip: Curl Your Lashes

It sounds so simple, but Greenberg says learning to curl your lashes is a must if you don't do it already. It's a really simple, instant way to look more bright-eyed and energetic, as if the past two decades simply never happened. Shu Uemura's iconic lash curler makes the process totally goof-proof.

2. Focus On Eyecare

Dark circles and bags under the eyes are concerns for almost everyone over 40. And while concealer works like a Band-Aid, treating your under-eyes with products formulated with active ingredients like caffeine, peptides, and chemical exfoliators will make your makeup look even better. "Eye masks are a weekly occurrence for me that make such a difference," says Greenberg. "Do them while you do your hair for a special event or if you feel tired. It's a game changer!" Pro tip: Keep your eyecare products in the refrigerator so that when you apply them, the coolness will work to depuff any bags.

3. Hairstyling Makes All the Difference

Not a makeup tip in the classic sense, but according to Greenberg, a flattering haircut, style, and color can do twice the work makeup can do. And try doing your hair before your makeup—that'll make the process less stressful. "Hair can take away a lot of the anxiety on the face. When I do my hair, makeup is so much easier!" Greenberg says.

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This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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