I Own 27 Eye Creams, But These Are the Ones I Recommend to My Friends

I have a super-scientific and strategic way to handle almost every kind of wrench life chucks at me. Eye cream. Impending deadline doom? Eye cream. Insomnia? Eye cream. Zit? Eye cream. Delayed flight? Eye cream. I'm kind of kidding, but I'm also kind of not.

As far as skincare goes, eyecare is my absolute favorite category to dabble in, and it's one of the few product groups I can change up weekly, daily, minutely (not a word, but you get what I'm saying) without totally messing up my skin. (If I was to apply the same tactic to my other products, it'd be a completely different story for my breakout-prone skin.)

It's also important to note I'm a vampire who doesn't sleep, and I have the insane dark circles to prove it. Thus, I've become a connoisseur of sorts when it comes to trying, scouting, and reviewing pretty much every single eye cream that's hit shelves. I also frequently use my 71-year-old mom as a guinea pig since she's more accustomed to treating wrinkles than I am.

Given my passion for eye cream—and since the category continues to explode with new launches—I thought I'd share some of the best formulas I simply can't live without. Sure, I own over 27 pots, pens, and rollerballs that promise transformative results, but not all of them have proven to walk the walk after talking the talk—even ones suggested to me by estheticians, dermatologists, or makeup artists.

Ahead, discover 15 best eye creams I've personally vetted and the only formulas I actually recommend to my friends, family, and IG followers who ask for my recommendations. Keep scrolling… A twinklier gaze to help you fake a full eight hours of beauty sleep awaits.