The Chic Pants You Can Lounge in All Day

There’s no denying that working from home has its ups and downs. But if we’re being 100% honest, one of the best parts is the change in wardrobe. Sure, it may be a major adjustment to trade in your structured blazers and trousers for looser, more relaxed options, but once you’ve mastered your at-home aesthetic, dressing for comfort (with polish, of course) will be second nature.



Even when there’s no office to go to each day, getting dressed in the morning can switch your brain from home to work mode in an instant. But if you’re spending the day moving from your desk to the dining table to the couch to your desk again, there’s no reason comfort shouldn’t be the top priority. And when your co-workers are only seeing you from the waist up on Zoom calls, well, you see where we’re going here.

If you’re looking to round out your WFH ’fits with the most comfortable loungewear pants, you’re in the right place. Below, we’ve found the best types of lounge pants for women on the market. From ultra-cozy sweats to effortlessly polished knit pants, scroll down to see all the WFH-appropriate pants you need in your closet now.

Relaxed Trousers

If you're looking for an option that feels as comfortable as your sweats but a little more put-together, opt for sleek, relaxed trousers. They'll be comfortable while also evoking an essence of polish.

Sleek Joggers

Love the streetwear vibe for your days at home? A pair of joggers gives it a cool girl–approved look without compromising comfort.

Chic Knitwear

Another sleek option that is equal parts comfortable and elevated is knit trousers. Whether they're styled with coordinated tops or worn on their own, there's no doubt they'll be a favorite among your most effortlessly cool and cozy options.

Effortless Leisure Pants

Anyone who would rather live in their pajamas than wear anything else while they're at home will love a pair of leisure pants. Between the relaxed fits and soft fabrics, these will be all you need.

Classic Sweats

You can't discuss loungewear without adding in the ultimate comfy staple: sweats. A tried-and-true favorite among, well, everyone, sweatpants will get you through any and all days at home.