I Work From Home and Only Wear Sweatpants From These 7 Brands

Best sweatpant brands



Although the fashion industry is miles and miles away, I'm a fashion editor who works from home (in Raleigh, NC). This has been the case for the past 5 1/2 years, and I've learned a lot in that time about not just productivity (that's a whole other story), but how to dress. When I worked in an office setting, comfort was truthfully low on my priority list when it came to my outfits. But ever since I started working from home, I'm miserable if my outfit is constrictive in any way. While I don't rely on sweatpants every day (I do wear jeans a couple of times a week when working), but they have become more important than ever to me, and I'm constantly on the hunt for the best brands.

So what makes for a good pair of sweatpants? I have some thoughts about this. Unlike jeans, I don't like for them to be very high-waisted; I prefer more of a slouchy look. I also like sweatpants that are thick enough to have a bit of shape because if they're too thin, they stretch out and start to look quite sloppy. Keep scrolling to hear about more of my "good sweatpants" criteria and shop the seven brands I swear by.


You probably already know that Alo's leggings are amazing but have you tried the sweatpants? They're seriously just as good, and they make matching tops to go with them (if you're a complete set kind of person).

Lou & Grey

Seriously, don't sleep on Lou & Grey's sweatpants (although you can sleep in them). Words can't describe how soft and cozy they are, and the brand is constantly coming up with new colors, prints, and fits to stock up on.


If it's a sporty look you're seeking, Nike is an obvious choice. And its affordable sweatpants live up their strong reputation. Even Net-a-Porter approves.


Champion sweatpants are as classic as it gets. The logo is timeless, the price points are low, the fit is great and they're wildly comfortable. 


Entireworld is the It comfy brand that's gotten tons of buzz as of late. Celebs and influencers can't get enough, and given how picked-over they are right now, no one else can either.

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