What Working From Home 700 Days Straight Has Done to My Style

Around this time three years ago, my now-husband and I were planning a move from Los Angeles (where I was working at Who What Wear's HQ) to Raleigh, North Carolina, for his job. It was a huge adjustment for us, but luckily (and thanks to our editor in chief, Kat Collings), I was able to continue working for Who What Wear as an editor, albeit from home. Prior to that, I'd been working full-time in office environments for more than seven years, and my wardrobe reflected that. It was filled with blazers, silk blouses, and walkable heels, none of which I needed anymore. But I had a brand-new work-from-home lifestyle to adjust to.

I could've certainly gone in the polar opposite direction from my previous wardrobe and stayed in pajamas all day every day, but I quickly learned that doing so makes you feel sleepy. So every day, I get up and put on makeup and get dressed. But over the past 700 working days, I've learned by trial and error that when I'm working from home, I have zero tolerance for discomfort. That means only the stretchiest non-high-rise jeans and shorts, slippers (Parachute Home in the summer and Uggs in the winter) instead of shoes, glasses, sweatshirts (I'm always freezing), sometimes leggings, minimal jewelry, and the comfiest (often baggiest) T-shirts I can find. See a couple examples below.