The Best Black-Blazer Outfits, Period

It’s hard to disagree with the old adage that trends come and go (most recently seen in the revival of all things ’90s fashion), and here’s another one that’s difficult to dispute: Certain pieces simply withstand time and trends, thus falling into the “classics” category. A leather jacket, a good pair of jeans, a simple white tee, an LBD, and a refined blazer in a trendless colorway (we’re talking white, beige, and black) all fall into this group. They’re investment pieces you can—and will—wear forever and ever. It’s that simple.

Today, however, we’re focusing on the last of those aforementioned classics: the blazer. We’re highlighting the best black-blazer outfits, as seen on some of our go-to street stylers. All of the looks below prove that this forever piece is truly a versatile wardrobe staple you can team with everything, whether that’s a pair of skinny jeans or an elegant white slip dress. We are fairly certain that all of the featured outfits will convince you to scoop up a black blazer ASAP. (And if you already own one, then why not add another to the collection?)

Behold some of the best black-blazer outfits. For inspiration, continue scrolling to shop some of our favorites.

Cute Black Blazer Outfits



Can’t go wrong with a boxy blazer paired with jeans. Add in a pair of socks and loafers as the temperatures get cooler.

How to Wear a Black Blazer



Style a black blazer over fun printed pieces to ground the look.

Simple Black Blazer Outfits



Take a cue from Teen Vogue’s fashion and beauty editor Michelle Li and style your oversize black blazer with pops of color. 

Cute Black Blazer Outfits to Wear This Fall



Contrast your tailored blazer with white denim.

Easy Black Blazer Outfits



Opt for a velvet black blazer, and style it with sporty socks and white sneakers for a chic look.

Black Blazer Outfits



In this case, the blazer is the outfit. 

Black blazer outfits



Take a cue from Aemilia Madden, and create a nice contrast with the black blazer by styling it with an all-white outfit. 

White blazer outfits



Try styling your trusty black blazer with a miniskirt and chunky boots for a casual, cool office look.