Leggings as Pants? This One Piece Makes It Doable


Collage Vintage

Leggings are the one item you’ll find in any woman’s closet. Which is why we’re dedicated to finding the coolest styles, newest trends, and innovative ways to wear all your favorite pairs. From yoga class to travel and everything in between, leggings are our go-to piece to cozy up in (and still look cool doing it). And while we wish there were endless ways to wear them, the fact is that their body-hugging shape looks best when paired with some length for a necessary balance. The one piece that makes wearing leggings alone totally doable? A long sweater or cardigan. The trick is to look for knits that are longer than the average, hitting about mid-thigh. Face the harsh winter that still lies ahead armed with this cozy outfit combo.

Go on to see how to wear long sweaters for leggings—and shop the knits we love.