9 Things to Consider Before Getting This Classic French Haircut

When it comes to French style signifiers, there are some that immediately come to mind. Breton stripes is one, basket bags is another, and feline eyeliner flicks also have an undeniable je ne sais quoi about them. But when it comes to hair, there's one style that feels more Gallic than the rest, and that's long hair with fringe. Of course, the look isn't just popular with the French, but there's something about tumbling lengths offset with a sweeping fringe that feels very Parisian. Regardless of its origin, it's a hairstyle that looks incredibly chic and is becoming increasingly popular in beauty circles. 

For those with long hair, going for the chop is the ultimate commitment. After all, it can take months, if not years, to grow your hair back out should a shorter style not be to your liking. Cue the fringe—a small tweak that can make all the difference in your look without you having to sacrifice your long hair in the process. That said, there are a few things to consider before having a fringe cut in, especially if you intend on keeping length elsewhere. We consulted Chloe Mckiver, a stylist and color technician at top London salon Taylor Taylor London's Portobello Road location, who revealed everything we need to know about long hair with fringe.

Long Hair with Fringe: Jeanne Damas



"First things first, it helps to understand which face shape you have, which will then allow you to better visualize how certain fringes will actually look on you," says Mckiver. Handily, we already have a fringe face-shape guide for you to peruse. Now, read on to discover Mckiver's point-by-point style analysis.

1. "Before you opt for a full fringe, make sure you are prepared. If you’re willing to work on the upkeep, then fringes always look stunning. Fringes also take a while to grow out, so once you go for the chop, that’ll be your hair for the foreseeable."

2. "One of the biggest bonuses of a fringe with long hair is that it presents the perfect excuse to skip a full hair wash. Pull back your lengths and just wash and style the fringe to freshen up your hair between washes."

3. "Think carefully before embracing super-short bangs, as they can't be swept back or hidden. You have to wear them with pride. In my experience, I’ve found that short fringes suit oval, heart, and round face shapes best, but when it comes to fringes, one rule doesn’t fit all. It’s completely down to the person."

4. "Discuss your fringe style carefully with your stylist to make sure you go for the one that best suits your face shape and brings attention to your favorite features. For example, longer bangs can draw attention to your cheekbones or nose and can also work to shorten a longer face, whereas a side-swept fringe will work to elongate rounder face shapes."

Long Hair with Fringe: Zeena Shah



5. "If you're nervous about going for a full fringe, I recommend trying the ‘curtain’ fringe, which sits either side of your forehead. It's easier to maintain, as it falls softly below the eyes and can be tucked behind the ears. Think French-girl vibes."

6. "There can be a lot of styling involved for fringes if your hair doesn’t sit naturally the way you want it to, so always consider if you have the time and patience to style in the mornings. This is all the more important when it comes to long hair, too, which takes longer to style than short or mid-length hair."

7. "Make sure you have the time to pop into the salon for fringe trims. The kitchen scissors should be off-limits. I can’t tell you how many fringes I’ve worked on since lockdown."

8. "Curly hair can look great with a fringe, but make sure you have the right products and techniques for your hair to ensure it sits how you want it. I would always start off with something soft to see how you like it. Then, we can build the density if you decide a full-on fringe is for you."

9. "Do your homework. Look at pictures of celebrities who have a similar head shape or hair texture for inspiration. It’s a cliché, but we hairdressers love a little guide, and we can help you decide if that look is right for you and help you to adapt it. A magazine cutting or an Instagram pic will help us fully understand the look you’re trying to achieve."

Now that you know everything you could possibly need to about long hair with fringe, below, we've collated some of our favorite looks to inspire you. Then, shop our essential products for fringe maintenance. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Amy Juliette Lefévre



Amy's mini fringe is blunt and insanely chic. We wouldn't expect anything less from her. 

Jeanette pairs her choppy fringe with air-dried hair for a relaxed feel. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Aysha Sow



Opt for a light fringe that can be pushed to both sides if need be, like Aysha's. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Sophie Turner by Christian Wood hair



Sophie's full fringe and smoky eye shadow make for the perfect after-dark combination. 

Charlotte's blunt fringe is softened by her luscious long layers. 

Caitlin proves that fringes look especially great when your long hair is tied back into a low ponytail. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Mette Sorrig



Mette's blunt fringe looks the edgy part with her platinum locks and minimal attire. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Laura Harrier



Laura's half-up, half-down look is made all the more glamorous with her parted fringe. 

Emily opts for a choppy fringe, which looks the part with her retro dress collection. 

Courtney's corkscrew curls look incredible with her wispy fringe. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Emmanuelle Koffi



Your fringe needn't be long and sweeping—make like Emmanuelle and opt for a seriously cool short fringe with your long tresses. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Emily Ratajkowski



We thought side fringes were best left in our teenage years. That was until we saw Emily's volumized 'do. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Zeena Shah



Zeena offsets her full fringe by braiding her long hair to one side—the ideal holiday hair look. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Jeanne Damas



With her choppy fringe and loosely waved lengths, Jeanne is making us want to run to the nearest salon stat. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Jourdan Dunn



Full but choppy, Jourdan's fringe is the stuff of legends. 

Not full but not side-swept, Katherine's fringe is the chic middle ground. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Christian Wood hair



We're beginning to question why Rosie doesn't opt for a fringe permanently. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Ada Oguntodu



Ada's sweeping fringe and brushed-out waves are probably the most glamorous thing we've seen this year. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Zendaya



Zendaya's spaced-out fringe looks beyond incredible with her volumized curls and statement red lip. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Maria Bernad



While she's since joined the bob bridge, we still adore María's fringe look from last year. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Nicole Ocran



Nicole's light fringe is the perfect introduction for those considering trying the look for themselves. 

Long Hair with Fringe: Elizabeth Olsen by Pati Dubroff



Elizabeth proves fringes always have a place on the red carpet with her sleek, ultra-long lengths. 

Your Complete Long, Fringed Hair Care Kit

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Follow with Kérastase's Resistance Extentioniste Conditioner to unlock even more strengthening superpowers. 


Here's another hair plumping shampoo to help you achieve max volume.

Great hair starts with a healthy scalp, so be sure to give the follicle-filled dermis all the attention it deserves. Instead of sugars or salts that can be dehydrating on the hair, this dual-action scrub uses micronized rice, fruit enzymes, and BHA to detoxify and balance the scalp.

This styling spray has an ultra-fine mist designed to create workable, pliable texture—perfect for fringes that need sculpting without scrimping on movement. 


If you have curly hair, this spray gel will help to separate and define the ringlets without weighing them down.

This product is miraculous. It coats the hair in dirt repellent, preventing fringes from getting greasy and stringy. Apply to damp hair from roots to ends and comb through. Style as you normally would, and voila, your very own protective veil. 


This clean styling foam is perfect for adding texture and enhancing shape for all hair types from pin-straight to ultra-curly. It can also be used as a root refresher between washes.

This microfiber hair towel is the key to frizz-free drying. It wicks moisture from the hair without overly drying out the stands or snagging the cuticles like traditional bath towels do.

Constant brushing, combing, or touching your fringe can leave it looking greasy. Instead, give your fringe a refresh by spritzing with dry shampoo and teasing it through with your fingertips. This will add a bit of extra volume and will leave your hair clean looking between washes. This mini spray by hair maestro Sam McKnight is perfect for popping in your handbag. 


Give your fringe some extra bounce by placing it in a velcro roller during or after blow-drying. Your hair will fall and become flatter as the day goes on, so starting off with maximum volume is always a good idea. 


Another great way of adding lift and bounce to your fringe is with a barrel hot brush, and GHD’s new Rise Hot Round Brush is the best we’ve tried. Use it on your fringe and the lengths of your tresses to define the shape and on your roots to smooth and lift. 


Don't forget to apply a heat protectant before using hot tools. 

Don’t undo all the effort you put into perfecting your fringe when you go to bed. A silk pillowcase will reduce frizz, minimise split breakages, and regulate oil production to prevent greasy roots. It’ll also help your fringe hold its styled shape. 

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