25 Hairstyles That Look Ridiculously Chic With Wispy Bangs

We're huge fans of bangs here at Who What Wear, and we've been loving all the iterations of the style that have been making a major comeback—baby bangs (think teensy-tiny micro-fringe), side-swept bangs, blunt-cut bangs, long and layered bangs, fake bangs, and last but not least, wispy bangs. Another thing we love? Not everyone wears, or heck, even defines wispy bangs the same. Length and chunkiness can vary as can the infinite number of fringe-flattering styles you can wear to complement said cut. 

Below, we're highlighting 25 different hairstyles that look ridiculously chic paired with wispy bangs, no matter how long, short, thick, or thin your strands are. Plus, not only are we providing ample celeb-led inspiration for your current bang situation, but we're also including the must-have styling product or accessory to accompany each vibe. Keep scrolling!


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Lucy Hale has been working her signature chin-grazing bob for a while now (we love it), and we're super into this faux-pixie look her longtime hairstylist Kristin Ess created. Uninspired by your wispy bangs? Pump up the volume and give yourself a combover. The effect is so damn cool. 


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Even though model Maria Borges is working a super-short length, her ultra-cropped fringe is an exemplary styling option for wispy bangs paired with a chic pixie cut. A glossy hair wax is essential for that perfectly piecey texture. 


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The "Lord Farquaad" hairstyle has been a trending theme. Usually, we see it sans bangs, but Zooey Deschanel pairs her signature fringe with the fun, flipped-in look, proving just how versatile it is. Make sure you have a big round brush handy to nail that curve. 


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Joan Smalls can do no wrong in our book. We love this triple-hit hairstyle featuring her natural curls, eye-grazing fringe, and '90s-inspired clip-back. 


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Looking for the ultimate French girl–inspired fringe? Jeanne Damas is our forever muse. (Oh, and in case you're wondering how French women always seem to have impossibly perfect style, read this deep dive.)


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Ever the hair chameleon, Jourdan Dunn is constantly thrilling us with her hair vibe. That said, if you have wispy bangs, don't underestimate the power of a chic chignon at the nape of your neck. Elevate it even further by leaving a few longer tendrils around your face.


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Dakota Johnson proves a messy topknot (kept elegant with all the shine) is another viable styling option for wispy bangs. 


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Duckie Thot pairs her long, luxe, glossy length with statement-making wispy bangs. We're obsessed. 


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Suki Waterhouse is known for her retro fringe. Here, she demonstrates how to keep a wispy fray off of your face (if you so choose).


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Like it or not, the mullet is one of this season's top hair trends, and Miley Cyrus (wispy bangs and all) executes the controversial style with A+ finesse.


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Wispy, grown-out bags look so sophisticated in conjunction with a glossy low ponytail. (Just ask Shay Mitchell.) 


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From mullets to bowl cuts, Zendaya has done (and slayed) it all. Here, she pairs some choppy wispy bangs with a blunt lob cut right at the collarbone. Try an iron for a similar mussed curl style.


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We're used to seeing model Shanina Shaik with a straight-and-glossy blowout, so this refreshing look with wispy curls framing her face is a welcome change. 


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Use a hair straightener and shine serum to smooth out wispy bangs and creat the trendy tendril updo everyone (including Jasmine Sanders) is making cool again. 


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Michelle Williams is always the picture of elegance. We've seen her dabble in the wispy-bang trend back when she had a shorter Peter Pan cut, but now that her length and bangs have grown out a bit, we love the Old Hollywood glamour of finger waves to keep her fringe out of her face. A flexible-hold hair spray will definitely be your friend with this style. The below from Leonor Greyl will leave a soft and silky finish.


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For the ultimate Brigitte Bardot–meets–Françoise Hardy look, style your wispy bangs à la Felicity Jones's stunning half-up moment. Lots of volume is key here. If your hair is on the fine side, beef it up from the get-go by opting for a volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner pre-style. 


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Side-swept fringe and lots of curls are especially chic if you have a shorter cut like Nina Dobrev's. If you think you're curl-inept, the Beachwaver will completely change your life. It literally curls your hair on its own with the press of a button!


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If you haven't thoroughly stalked Kat Graham, please do so at your earliest convenience. She's living proof that short and chic bangs never cease as the ultimate style accessory. This pins-and-pony style, in particular, is a standout.


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And just like that, Kerry Washington convinced us to get a pixie cut. (Wispy bangs included, obviously.)


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Styling wispy bangs need not be complicated. Pull them out front and secure your hair into a bouncy high pony for a chic result that's one-two-step approved. (Oh, and add a scrunchie if you want to take it up a notch.)


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Nope, Halle Berry didn't pair her wispy bangs with a mullet, but this double-twisted bun style is definitely a business in the front, party in the back vibe we're very much into. 


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Braids—they're the ultimate styling antidote to any bad hair day or strand-related dilemma. The below oil from Shu Uemura packs extra nutrition into the style while delivering glorious luster like in Lea Michele's take. 


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Stumped or bored with your fringe? We have one word for you: headbands.


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Rashida Jones shortened her hair recently, and the new style makes her signature wispy bangs look all the fresher. Make sure you have a shine-inducing blow-dryer handy to nail that at-home blowout. 


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If you're having one of those inevitable days in which you don't actually want to deal with your bangs, take a page from Constance Wu's book and just slick it all back. Chic, easy, and you won't have to worry about fussing with your fringe all day.


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They're something so cool about short, eye-grazing bangs with super-long, layered hair. Heidi Klum, we see you. 

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