The Best Bangs for Every Face Shape, According to a Celebrity Hairstylist

The Best Bangs for Every Face Shape Celebrity Photos


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Getting bangs is a rite of passage in so many people’s lives, whether it’s done on a whim or after months of decision-making. Choosing your style is a big part of that journey, so a little bit of research never hurts. One of the benefits of bangs is how beautifully they frame your face, so it’s especially helpful to know what shape your face is. So, first things first: Identify your face shape (it’s easier than it sounds, promise). 

Now you’re ready for step two: choosing your look. We turned to Moroccanoil Celebrity Hairstylist Bryce Scarlett—a.k.a. the man Gigi Hadid, Margot Robbie, Brie Larson and pretty much every other A-lister trusts with their gorgeous hair—to help break down which fringe is best for each shape. Ahead, find your next hairstyle, along with celeb inspiration to screenshot and show your hairstylist. (Oh, and it goes without saying: It's best to go to a trained professional for bangs—or any big hair change—to avoid catastrophe.)

Face Shape: Round

Best Bangs for Round Face Shape


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“Full, choppy, piecey bangs that extend from from lash-length to jawbone-length are perfect for round faces,” says Scarlett. Elizabeth Olsen demonstrates the look flawlessly, and Scarlett also cites Goldie Hawn’s iconic long bangs as a style reference.

Face Shape: Oval

Best Bangs for Oval Face Shape


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As expert bangs-wearer Dakota Johnson has proven time and time again, oval-shaped faces can wear pretty much any bangs style. Still, Scarlett has a favorite, explaining that “Longer, soft, side-swept bangs frame an oval-shaped face.”

Face Shape: Heart

Best Bangs for Heart Face Shape


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“A straight across, blunt-style bang is best for a heart-shaped face,” recommends Scarlett. Don’t be afraid to go bold—a strong chin and cheekbones balances the hairstyle, as Rashida Jones demonstrates.

Face Shape: Square

Best Bangs for Square Face Shape


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Embrace the curtain bang. “A center-parted, softly feathered ‘Bardot’ bang is most suitable for square-shaped faces,” explains Scarlett. Alexa Chung’s now-iconic soft bangs should be at the top of your Pinterest board.

If You Have a Small Forehead

Best Bangs for Small Foreheads


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Yes, you can get bangs! “For smaller foreheads, recommend that the bangs start further back on the hairline to give the illusion of a larger forehead,” explains Scarlett. Hannah Simone's fringe is a perfect example; her blunt style is set slightly past her hairline to allow for a little extra length.

Bangs' Best Friends

Dry Shampoo

"Be sure to stock up on dry shampoo," recommends Scarlett. "Bangs tend to get greasy quickly from things like touching your forehead."

Round Brush

Depending on your hair type, bangs can dry in some, well, interesting ways. A round brush helps keep them under control.

Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are one of the world's great inventions, but they can be unwieldy. This smaller-than-average dryer makes it easier to target bangs.


You'll want lots of pins around for those times you need them out of your face (or if you decide to grow them out).


Keeping bangs in place sometimes requires a little patience—and hairspray. This one has plenty of hold and shine without being sticky or crunchy.

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