This "Ugly" Heel Trend Is Quickly Emerging

In my humble opinion, there's no better flat shoe style than loafers. Especially during the fall and winter months, I'd say that it's the shoe style I reach for the most. Because of this, I'm naturally often inclined to put loafers in my stories, and I've recently noticed that a new loafer trend is emerging right now: loafers with heels. Now, some may consider this '90s throwback to be an "ugly" shoe style, but I've come across so many loafers with heels from the coolest of brands lately that I can say with confidence that we have a trend on our hands.

Not only am I spying high-heel loafers on the market a ton lately, the street style scene is crawling with them, and even Emma Roberts just endorsed the trend. So, if you're reluctant to give the high-heel loafer trend a try this winter, take my word for it: They're a thing. (They're also a very comfortable, walkable thing, so how's that for bonus points?)

Keep scrolling to see how people are styling the trend and to shop the very best pairs along the way, chosen by yours truly.