Lily-Rose Depp Wore the Pants Trend Gen Z Is Making a Thing

If you're tired of hearing about both skinny jeans and baggy pants, let's take a break and talk about neither. Let's instead discuss Lily-Rose Depp and the pants trend she's been wearing instead. If you follow her style, you probably know that she keeps things pretty casual—typically sticking to jeans, T-shirts, and sneakers when she's off-duty. She tends to opt for pieces that have a subtle '90s or early 2000s feel, which was very much the case when it comes to the outfit she wore when she stepped out in New York this week.

The trend that Depp opted for is subtle but significant: boot-cut pants. In this case, Depp wore low-rise knit Nike pants, but she's also been stepping out in boot-cut jeans quite often as of late. Just like they did with baggy jeans and practically every other early 2000s trend, Gen Z (which, at 21 years old, Depp is a part of) is catapulting boot-cut pants and jeans into relevance again. Time will tell if the trend goes as mainstream as baggy jeans did.

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On Lily-Rose Depp: Nike pants; Chanel handbag and suitcase; Nike shoes

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