Simone Biles Just Wore the Bikini Trend Jennifer Lopez Also Loves

Great minds think alike, especially when it comes to fashion trends. Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber are on the same page about their favorite printed dresses, while Kate Middleton and Jennifer Aniston both love the same pair of sunglasses. Now, I've noticed a connection between Simone Biles, Jennifer Lopez, and Lili Reinhart: They all love neon swimsuits. 

Last summer, I did a story on J.Lo's best neon swim looks, and now Biles is getting in on the trend action too. She just shared a selfie wearing a neon green bikini that quickly racked up over 250,000 likes on Instagram. Scroll down to see how Simone Biles, Jennifer Lopez, and Lili Reinhart all wear neon swimsuits and then shop the trend for yourself. (Winter tropical getaway, anyone?)

How J.Lo Wears Neon Swimsuits

How Lili Reinhart Wears the Trend

On Lili Reinhart: Solid & Striped Beverly Bikini Top ($89)

Shop Lili's Swimsuit

Shop More Neon Swimsuits

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