J.Lo Is Already Wearing the #1 Swimsuit Trend of 2019

Most Popular Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2019


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Sure, we could scroll through Instagram to come up with a theory about the most popular swimsuit trends of the season, but there's no need to guess when we have an answer that's based on cold, hard facts. Lyst has released its 2019 swimwear report based on searches and sales of more than five million shoppers per month, and the results are definitely illuminating.

Lyst names neon swimwear as the biggest trend right now, given that searches for bright swimwear have increased 96% over the past three months. Specifically, Lyst says lime green and neon yellow are especially popular. "Endorsed by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian, neon swimwear has been responsible for over 35K social mentions since January," Lyst reports. In fact, we did a little digging and found that Jennifer Lopez has been way ahead of the neon trend—scroll down to see how she's worn it. 

How J.Lo Wears Neon Swimwear

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